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How do you know which birth control is right?
3 Replies
LozzyS - June 28

Hi guys,

I can imagine I'll get flamed by the odd person for saying "which one will help increase my bust size"..... but hey. at the end of the day, if all types of the pill will be effective contraception, then why not try out the one that may be most effective for breast enlargement?

I'm a size A. I would need to be a size B at least to be able to feel confident. I do not want surgery, that is a lifetime commitment to invasive painful surgery and of course very expensive. If there is a pill out there able to help me not get pregnant and become a size B then I'd very much like to know!!

Do I need to go for a pill that has the highest level of estrogen? I've never been on the pill before; if I needed the highest level of estrogen to have a chance, then would I need to be on a lower level for a few months to get used to the pills first?

Any info or advice will be appreciated!



Lorelai - October 30

This reply might come little late, but I just had to answer it.

There's no birth control pill that will make your breast bigger. Not for long. I used to take Novynette, not sure if you heard of, but it did make my breast bigger some of the days I have been taking them. So out of 21 days on the pill, more than 10 I had bigger boobs, but in the same time more sensitive, which is not a plus.

Anyway, for having bigger breast you might think about exercising, which could help you increase with a size, but not more.

Hope you find the right birth control pill you need!


RuffaBlake - November 3

I've heard about estrogen helping to enhance the breast size, but I'm not sure if it's effective. You just need to exercise to tone and shape you body.


estetik878 - December 26

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