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How safe is Essure?
12 Replies
Megan Lee - October 4

ESSURE is a small, flexible micro-inserts placed in a
woman`s fallopian tubes through the cervix without incisions.?but how safe is this?


mom_adelie - October 4

Studies have shown that this method is safe. However, as with most birth control methods, there are still risks. With ESSURE, Megan, there's a possibility that the doctor may not be able to place the coils in the fallopian tubes the first time and may need to try it again and after the coils are placed in your tubes, you may have some pain and light bleeding.


LyKa - October 4

Even if this is a no surgery method, there is still a risk in your health..But, the risk is lesser compared to the method that involves surgery.


Jellian888 - October 4

Megan this is not safe because there is a slight risk that the method may not work even if the X-ray shows that the tubes are totally blocked, so you could become pregnant. Women who do become pregnant after having the micro-insert method may be more likely to have an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy that occurs outside of the uterus, usually in the tubes).


Judy - October 4

Essure is still a new method, a lot of things are to be considered before using this, even if there's no surgery involveD. So, best if you will consult your healthcare provider regarding ESSURE.


maika - October 7

i don't think that we can rely on the essure micro-inserts for birth control. there are a lot of complications and risk factor for this kind of procedure.


brook - October 7

i've read an article about essure and it doesn't sound that way. i mean, how can it be dangerous?


Shalanie D. - October 8

maika, i think, the only danger in using essure is the possibility that the doctor may not properly placed the coil in the fallopian tube.


maika - October 8

exactly my point! don't you think it would be dangerous if the doctor would have placed it in the wrong position and that bleeding will occur?...


hale - October 16

frequent bleeding and infections may occur. this is what makes it dangerous!


virra - October 17

oh no! that's sounds freaky for me...


Shalanie D. - October 19

Maika, there's always a risk in everything that we do.For you to erase your fears, you have to choose the doctor that you TRUSTED a lot.


maika - October 23

some doctors make mistake in prescribing birth control methods. actually, a lot of them do make mistakes. so i don't think it's possible to just rely on one doctor.



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