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leah - October 7

hi everyone! i have this question that needs to be answered soon. sorry i have to do it here since i'm no comfortable of asking this to my mom. i'm 16 years old and i wonder if i can get over the counter birth control pills. need help please...


Lizzie Beth - October 8

when we speak of USA, BCP is not sold unless you have doctor's prescription. but you have another option then, you can have the morning-after pill. it is available at the drugstores even without prescription.


teeny tonie - October 8

So sad that birth control pills are only available with prescription. This is why lots of teens are having unwanted pregnancies because of no access to bcp.


girly jackie - October 8

Given that teens needs protection from sex, but still i do not agree for them to have access with birth control pills. we know for a fact that bcp has some health risks when taken, so to avoid health problems, teens should be restricted from bcp.


careless triny - October 8

why worry about health problems for teens taking birth control pills. if they are strong enough to have sex then probably their body is strong enough to take bcp as well.


Cheryll35 - October 8

in other places like carribean, birth control pills can be bought over the counter.


myleen_omg - October 8

You know leah, you're still young to be curious about this thing..My God, you shouldn't think of this.


samantha - October 8

are you sexually active leah? i think you're too young to take pills and i do think that doctors won't prescribed you with it...


MeAmor - October 9

16 is not too young for a sex. and access to bcp for teens would be better to avoid teenage pregnancies.


Cheska Horton - October 9

definitely leah is sexually active cause i don't think she will ask such question if she is not.


samantha - October 13

i don't think i can support teenage sex. what age in your opinion should sex start?


meldz_60 - October 16

at least 18... it's not just the age itself that matters but the body also needs to be well prepared for a sexual intercourse.


cutie - October 24

i should agree with your point meldz, even the age of 18 is still too young to engage with such activity. i think 20 is perfect.


rhea - October 30

OMG! i have daughter who is now 16.
reading your post makes me a bit worried.
i guess you ladies know what i mean...


elizabeth - November 11

just make sure that you have your eyes on her all the time. 16 is still very young and i understand your worries. actually i feel what you feel right now. my daughter was at the same exact age when she got pregnant and it's truly frustating for a single mother like me.


liz - November 23

well communication is very important especially in this times wherein teenagers are in their confused need to listen to their needs so that they will feel free to open open up with you.


pretty_baby - November 27

hi everyone! i'm 18 years old and currently on yaz pills. i understand how some mom reacted here regarding early use of BCP. i was 16 when i started using BCP and all i can say is that it helped me a lot. come on people let's face the truth, we are in an open country where sex is open to everybody so i think it would be the best option to use birth control methods. and besides, you wouldn't be with your daughters all the time even if you wanted to and you wouldn't know exactly what they're doing when they're away. it always better safe than sorry. take it from me. PEACE!



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