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Is my partner being unreasonable?
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Yazzzz25 - August 12

I've been with my guy for nearly three years and most of the time we get on great except for when I am due a period as I suffer from severe PMS possibly even PMDD.

We got into a major row a few nights ago and he told me to pack my stuff and get out. I begged and pleaded with him and told I would get myself seen to as he was sick to death of how bad my PMS gets.

He said if he doesn't see an effort of me trying to get help in the next few days, its over. I read up online that taking calcium and vitamin B6 can help improve symptoms and he says that will be an effort made if I go and get them. I suggested going to my GP but last time I did for PMS he offered me birth control and anti-depressants and my partner isn't keen on me going on anti-depressants for PMS as at any other time of the month, my mood is stable and I am almost always cheery. Its like a Jekyll and Hyde sort of story sadly. He said even if the vitamins I take don't help thru time, at least I've made an effort and overall that will make us stronger.

I see his point because I must admit, I do turn into a complete cow when I have it and I say and do things I totally regret when I am 'lucid' again. If he was bi-polar and fine with me one min and then horrible the next, I would be begging for him to make an effort and go to the doc and even if the pills he got made no difference, at least he still tried.

He said he doesn't want to lose me as he loves me more than everything but says if I don't make an effort and just continue to let PMS not just dominate the relationship but also my college life, my social and family life then he'll have no choice to let me go as I've made no effort.

I think this is fair as I know I have been a nightmare to live with and have said things that have broke his heart but I have told my girlfriends and they all think it is nasty he is giving me an ultimatum :/

I still have PMS atm as I am due my period in 2 days and my head is all over the place. One min I think well he must still love me if he's willing to stay with me even if the pills don't work and he's still being as soppy and normal as ever and telling me not to worry but then the next min I think well if he really wanted me, he wouldn't have told me to leave :/ but I know when you are angry and reached your limit, that is the sort of thing you say.

I do know I need help, not just for this relationship but also for my own wellbeing.



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