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male birth control pills
22 Replies
dora - November 5

has someone here ever heard of male birth control pills? does it really exist?


men_oh_men - November 6

i have read some article regarding male birth control pills and yes for the first time, a safe, effective and reversible hormonal male contraceptive appears to be within reach. Several formulations are expected to become commercially available within the near future.


ilikeit_XOXO - November 6

Soon men may have the options of a daily pill to be taken orally, a patch or gel to be applied to the skin, an injection given every three months or an implant placed under the skin every 12 months. How do you like that women out there? Isn't that nice. It's the men's turn this time.


tonie56 - November 6

There's a research done on that Dora but I think that is not yet fully developed.When that male pill is finally developed, it will undoubtedly change birth control for both men and women.


Straw Berry - November 6

When this actually happens, many women who suffer from the negative side effects of contraceptive methods, many of which are hormone-related, will be relief if their partners decide to take the pill.


soonie_bebe - November 6

Yes dora, oral contraceptive for men that reduces sperm count to zero without causing long-lasting infertility is now being developed.


pro_mbcp - November 6

What is good with this male birth control pill is that men would not have as many side effects as of the women taking the bcp because the pill would not change hormones but rather would target a specific gene that produces the protein necessary for normal sperm movement.


Jianna Jones - November 6

Whoever came up with this idea, my hats off to him. In this way, the burden of contraception would no longer rest solely upon a woman’s shoulders.


Venice - November 6

Once this male birth control pill becomes a reality, like after a year or two, couples can now share the responsibility associated with pregnancy prevention to take this heavy burden off of women. That is so very cool.


thrilled_mary - November 6

Male birth control pills? Wow, that is so exciting. hope that will be out very real soon.


Richard Dy - November 6

i don't think this will happen very soon. i mean why would a pharmaceutical company invest in research like this when a lot of contraceptives for male or to female is already out in the market. i've heard this male bcp long time ago and up to now, this is still not coming out.


Master Kevin - November 6

What is not so favorable with male bcp is that unlike the condom, which works immediately, or the pill which works within one month's cycle, a man on testosterone may have to wait three months before sperm production shuts down. Not good though.


Eager_King - November 6

Pharmaceutical companies don't see the profits in male contraception investments when people already have relatively cheap, safe options for women's birth control or other methods. That is why this still remains a study and not yet realized.


Harry M. - November 6

Hey, don't you think that it would be a lot easier to suppress the production of one egg every month of a woman than the 1,000 sperm men make once a second, everyday? So why waste on doing research for male birth control pills?


Tiger Tom - November 6

Agree with you Harry. Why waste on male birth control pill when condoms is all over everywhere and even safer and cheaper. Moreover, condoms protect us from STDs while male bcp does not.


SpitFire CLarissA - November 6

Oh men, the pill is not out yet in the market and you are now afraid to face the burden? Come on!


ara - November 6

most men insist on using condoms, so i guess they will be more favorable on this male birth control pills thing. hope it will be out in the market soon.



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