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male condom
23 Replies
Lenny - November 18

i have a weak body system and i don't want to risk my health in using any of the birth control for women cause of the different side effects that i might be experiencing. so me and my partner decided that it would be him to be in control. only method we can think of is condom. you think this is effective pregnancy prevention? my worry is f we will condom and then with the spermicide, it might probably cause me vaginal irritation.


Eva Doria - November 18

lenny vaginal irriration is at risk if you are to use spermicides with condom like more than twice in a day.


blossom - November 18

worry not only vaginal irritation but the risk of HIV infection as well. so thou shall not use spermicide with condom that frequent.


ace - November 18

yes lenny using male condom is a very effective birth control as long as it is used every time you make love.


herles80 - November 18

i admire your partner for taking the responsibility. my partner hates to wear that condom because for him it is some sort of interruption with our lovemaking and the sensitivity is reduced. that is why i am on bcp now.


sexy_susan - November 18

same with my partner herles, he doesn't like to wear condoms too because the he cannot feel the intimacy of our sex if he is in condom. well, oh, well.


blondie - November 18

just be sure to have several condoms lenny before you both have sex. just in case the first one is damaged or torn.


wella lady - November 18

precisely blondie and do not use two condoms at one time. i mean a female condom and a male condom at the same time.


blanch - November 18

to sexy susan : there are these users who cannot maintain the erection while using condoms. that is why they despise using condoms during sex.


Pinky - November 19

my partner is allergic to the latex or the rubber that is why we never ever tried using condom.


Lala - November 19

Me and my husband has been using condom since few years back. and what seems to be funny is that until now he is still uncomfortable when buying condoms at the drugstore.


hotbabe16 - November 19

hey. be sure that the condoms you will be using is not expired or else you might be in big trouble. good luck.


Eloisa - November 19

That's a good reminder hotbabe16. Also when you open the package, extra careful so that you won't damage the condom.


Iolanda A. - November 19

adequate lubrication too helps so that the condom will not be damaged or break. lubricant can be applied to the condom or to the vagina and only water-based lubricants and not the oil-based ones since the oil-based can damaged the condoms.


Abigail - November 19

pinky let your partner try the the synthetic condoms if he is allergic to the rubber ones.


Pinky - November 19

We've tried it once or twice but he is not comfortable with it too. So condom is not an option for us. Thanks anyways.


samantha - November 19

Putting on the condom is actually already a part of our lovemaking session. We've tried different brands and finally came up with the most comfortable one.



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