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male surgeries?
16 Replies
mitch - October 7

i've been planning for sterilization implant but apparently i'm afraid of surgeries. is there a method for male surgeries instead?


$hy - October 8

Yes mitch, Vasectomy is the answer to that..Vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure that permanently ends fertility in men.


Beatrice M. - October 8

mitch, do you think your husband will agree with you if you'll ask him to have the surgery?I dont think so...Fertility is a big deal for men.


jonah_ac - October 8

Being pregnant is such a burden for women.carrying a baby for 9 months inside her womb is not an easy thing..If you think that you're family is already complete and you have enough children and you dont want to have baby anymore, ask your husband about VASECTOMY.This time let him carry the burden, anyway its not that painful as compared to ligation in women.


lyKa - October 8

(beatrice) i think my husband would agree with my decision. we have been talking about it many times before. anyway, is this surgery safe?


mitch - October 8

beatrice-- that's what i've been thinking about too! can you explain how does the operation goes so at least i'll have an idea on how to convince my husband?


Beatrice M. - October 9

Mitch, Vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure to cut and close off the tubes that deliver sperm from the testes. When the tubes are closed, sperm cannot leave a man's body and cannot cause pregnancy.The procedure typically takes from 15–30 minutes and usually causes few complications.This is safe and effective as compared to female sterilization.


Beatrice M. - October 9

Lyka, most men can have a vasectomy safely. But like any medical procedure, there are still risks. Rarely, men lose some sexual desire and the ability to become erect after vasectomy.But this is not as complicated and as risky compared to tubal ligation in women.


GeAnne - October 9

u know Lyka, there are risks with any medical procedure, including vasectomy(the male sterilization for men). It's important to understand the risks before having a vasectomy.But many of us like to weigh the benefits against the risks of any procedure.Talk to your physician if you want to know the advantage and disadvantage of that surgery to be more safe.


katie - October 13

i agree, my friends husband had ED after going through the surgery. and now eventually because of ED, he totally lost his sexual desire. too bad for him.


lyKa - October 16

you got it right! but i do believe that the doctors are aware of this and they have the medication for ED to be suggested when something like this would happens.


hale - October 24

aside from ED, what worst side effect could vasectomy give? something which is considered serious side effects.


marissa - October 31

i heard that one serious side effect of vasectomy is cancer.but this issue remains to be unanswered.


old_lady - November 11

this issue has been battled for years.researchers and doctors hasn't prove it yet til now.i don't know if this is true but my husband has been on this surgery for about 5 years now and thankfully, he's dong well.


scarlet - November 23

vasectomy can possibly cause prostate cancer.don't know if this is true.any feedbacks?


lyka - November 23

yes prostate and testicular cancer. but this wasn't proven yet, so no worries.


felicity - December 19

i know someone who went through this surgery experienced ED. is this possible to happen?



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