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Marine coil
19 Replies
hugodaisy - September 24

hi, i am thinking of having the marine coil, but i suffer with my nerves and ansixety , do you think this coil will be suitable for me, are the side affects any of the above, thankyou!


Deedai - September 25

dizziness, neuralgic, faint, flushed and a feeling of Anxiety are some of the side effects of marina coil.


Cindy09 - September 25

I had a marina coil fitted in March 2008, and only if I have known, definitely I will not should then have it fitted. i have experiences of acne, weight gain, mood swings. these were never mentioned with my doctor when I went for a consultation. They only told me that it would be the best thing for me, since I am suffering with very painfull periods, and has fibroids.
Now I am planning to have this removed.


Myrna C. - September 25

I had the merina coil fitted a year ago. For the first 2 months, I got terrible pain. After that 2 months of pain, my menstrual periods seemed a lot lighter and slowly became even lighter. However, lately I have pain and bleeding after sex, lower back pain and pain in my hips that at first I never thought could be connected with my merina coil. I am now still in the process of looking some alternative then. Will see my doctor this weekend.


Tiny_Tanya - September 25

Hugodaisy, I suggest you visit your OB Gyne and ask for a birth control that suits your health conditions now.


Fiona - September 25

I choose marina coil since I can’t have the Pill due to thrombosis. I decided to have the Marina Coil fitted even if I am so scared about the side effects and the pain during actual fitting as per testimonies on the internet. I seldom read success stories about marina coil, although my GP did say that most women she sees are very happy with their coils.

So in short, I had mine fitted and had absolutely no pain at all and only a very slight bleeding for an hour afterwards. Though it still early for me to say that marina coil is perfect for me but I believe that not all experiences with the Marina Coil are bad. I almost didn’t have mine fitted due to reading only bad experiences over the net.

So why not have it done and if it is bad, then have it taken out. You will never know if it is good or bad for you if you will not try.


SayC - September 25

I had the marina coil fitted 4 years ago now. I did not have any problem with it at all. I am due to go and will have a new one fitted. At first, I thought that I couldn’t lose weight with it but I did lost 20 lbs in 9 weeks. With marina coil, I need not to worry about cramps mood swings or any other monthly problems. Just give it a try and observe the effects like in 6 months or more anyways you can have it removed if it is not working good on you.


hale - October 7

gosh! i never have thought that marina coil may have as much as i thought... side-effects! i think you make more research before you go for it...


sheena - October 7

been planning for marina coil but reading your post makes me nervous to what might be the outcome. more info please...


leah - October 8

does this method affects if you have medical condition? does anyone here can answer this?


mitch - October 13

using any sorts of birth control method may conflict if you have medical condition most especially if you're in medication. except for one thing though, family planning.


sammy - October 16

i had mirena coil fitted few months ago and i have noticed changes. my period has become longer and lasting for 10-13 days. is this normal?


mia - October 24

definitely normal. most especially if you have been using pills before.


lara72 - October 28

What about headaches? I have suffered from migraines and headaches for years, and seems to have the opposite reaction expected from me to any type of contraception. Years ago my GP suggested the injection - I didn't stop bleeding at all during all those 6 months of having it; and my headaches were the heaviest I have ever had (although my GP thought I should have any). I have had a copper coil fitted nearly 2 years ago and have had trouble with my periods for the last year. I never know when my period is due or how long it would last; I only tend to have a week (or two at the longest) without any bleeding, and then have spotting, irregular bleeding and eventually a period, so I am bleeding for about 2 weeks every month. My GP suggested the marine coil, as she thinks that will settle my bleeding, and she claims the hormone in the meriva is different to the one contributing to headaches and migraines. Reading your comments in this form, I doubt her advice.


lara72 - October 28

Sorry, noticed some typos. My GP thought I should NOT bleed with the injection (but I did), and I have had the coil for 3 years (not 2).


marissa - October 30

wew! we have pretty complicated situation here huh?i honestly don't know what to advice. why don't you consult to another gynecologists? she/he might have another explanation to this.


gina - December 19

can't give the right answer here. anything is possible but it would be a best option to speak to your doctor.



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