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Mirena coil
89 Replies
olivia - December 19

when it comes to health issue, you should always be aware. it is always best to ask doctors advice.


Brooksie - January 3

I have had a Mirena for over 2 and a half years - it has done the job of stopping my periods and the associated pain. However as time has gone by I have been experiencing an increasing discharge which is really getting me down. I have had a scan about a year ago which showed nothing and was wondering if anyone else had experienced this and if it is just one of those lesser noted side effects? I am thinking about getting the coil removed now just to get rid of this problem.


Thre - January 7

Hey Brooksie. I had the Mirena fitted in September 2008 and after the initial problems had settled, I started to get a lot of discharge. I have had this checked on a few occasions and had scans performed, but nothing has ever shown as a problem. It is rather annoying and I do get very conscious of it. Recently, over the last week, I have been experiencing a strange grinding sensation during intercourse, also, and I am not sure if this is related to the Mirena too. Intercourse is getting slightly uncomfortable. I was never shown how to locate the strings, but I am sure if the coil had come loose, I would be in pain all the time? Anyone shed any light on this? Problem also being, I have located to Dubai 6 wks ago, so do not have the joy of my local dr to advise :0(


hilo123 - January 19

Hi everyone, I had my first mirena fitted last Monday (11th Jan) under a GA. They did a hysteroscopy and biopsy at the same time. I'm still experiencing quite bad cramping pains and excessive tiredness, and I'm not yet fit to return to work. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

My doc suggested that I might have a post-op infection. But then he also told me that mirena coils can't be expelled by the body...

Any advice would be very much appreciated!


brooksie - January 19

Hi Hilo123 - I had the mirena inserted under a GA and had the other procedures you mentioned. I have to say that I had cramping and bleeding for several months after this and was close to throwing the towel in altogether. The pains were quite severe at times but they did settle gradually and the bleeding eventually stopped completely. This seems to be quite normal when you look on the internet and speak to other people with the coil. You just have to persevere and try to put up with it.
My case did become a little different though because my endometriosis increased, I developed a cyst and I ended up going into hospital for laser surgery.
I would send just hang with it for a while and it will settle down - if not then go back to your doctor and see what they say.


Clarabelle.X - January 20

Hi hilo123, I am having a hysteroscopy on Mon 25th Jan 2010, with a choice of having the mirena fitted at the same time. My probs are heavy periods, about every 3 wks lastin between 7-12 days. I had a scan as I had abdominal pain and i have a small fibroid(4inches)don't want a hysterectomy as already had 3 sections. Any suggestions or views would be appreciated, I have tried contraception pills in my youth and they depressed the hell outa me, hubby had snip so this aint about contraception.


hilo123 - January 21

hi clarabelle

I'm really too early in the process to be able to give an informed opinion on the mirena. I've got it fitted for contraception as well as severe pain/blood loss in periods. I have lots of small fibroids, but no sizeable ones. I have read that mirena isn't so good if you have sizeable fibroids (although I don't know how big that means), but i'm sure you're getting advice on this. i've heard lots of very good reports about the mirena reducing blood loss and pain, often almost to nothing. My sister has had a wonderful experience, as have two friends at work. I also belong to another forum ( where i have heard a lot from other women. i've heard bad reports - but the good ones far outweigh the bad ones in my experience. I'm finding the whole business a right nuisance in these first couple of weeks, but i don't know how much of the discomfort is coming from the mirena and how much from the hysteroscopy. either way, allow yourself at least 2 weeks to recover!

Good luck, clarabelle - and i hope it all helps whatever you decide to do!


hilo123 - January 21

Brooksie, thanks - that's comforting! I am finding that the discomfort is slowly easing, and I've accepted that it will just take as long as it takes!


gea - January 27

I have mine now almost 5 years. It was done a few weeks after our daughter was born. Only the first month was uncomfortable, like period pains. I am very happy about it since, no periods now for almost 5 years! I just remembered that it is due to be changed soon. For me it was the best choise I could make.


Clarabelle.X - January 27

Had hysteroscopy on Mon, but mirena couldn't be fit because fibroid was in way, have been very tired and bit gutted that the heavy periods will still be a problem, go back to a clinic in 6wks to discuss alternatives. Think choices will be hormone treatment(not keen) ablation, don't like the sound of that, or hysterectomy, really don't want that, so back to square one.


suky222 - January 27

Hi, I'm new to this site but your forum about the mirena coil cought my attention. I had a mirena coilo fitted on monday 25th Jan 2010. It was the most painful thing i have ever experienced. It's my last attempt to sort out severe period pain and heavy periods otherwise its gonna be a hysterectomy for me...
I have been off work for the last two days (since it was inserted) with severe period like pain and am only just starting to feel a little better. All your comments have givin me encouragement that this might make a big difference to me once it settles down!


brooksie - January 28

Hi everyone - after much deliberation I have had my mirena removed today. It has been great for stopping bleeding and pain altogether and I havent had a period for the best part of 2 and a half years. However I am sick to death of the incessant discharge, sore boobs, bloating,and,of late,quite bad mood swings.I am not sure whether all these symptoms are connected with the coil but as the doctor said we cant be sure until its out. I am prepared but not happy about the return of the heavy and painful periods and have stocked up on the mefenamic acid already. I wait now to see what will happen without my coil - fingers crossed.


Deb - January 29

Hello. I'm new to here too. Just thought I would share with you my experience of the merina.
I had been on the pill/mini pill for many years because I experienced very painful periods and heavy bleeding in my teens. Because I’m now older (43) my doctor recommended I had the merina coil fitted.
She attempted to fit it herself, but my cervix was too tight, as I’d never had children, so I was referred to a clinic to have it fitted, which was on 22 December. I’m not a wimp, but the pain was awful and she had to dilate my cervix to get it in. What it’s like having a baby I dread to think! Once it was in however, the pain subsided to just a dull ace. I went home and got changed and returned to work, feeling fine and quite smug. An hour later I was in agony. I felt sick, shaky and had the most awful cramps. In the end I had to go home, took some strong painkillers, put a heat pad on my stomach and went to bed and slept.
I was a bit better next morning, still experiencing cramps but not as severe and a little bit of bleeding, but this stopped the next day. The cramps lasted for about a week - 10 days and were quite severe but controllable with painkillers.
It’s now 5 weeks since I had it fitted, and I am now experiencing really painful period-like symptoms. My breasts are so sore that I could barely stand washing in the shower and my bra’s feel very uncomfortable. I am a runner, and it was most unpleasant running yesterday with the jiggling up and down, even though I wear a proper sports bra. I’ve got bad cramps in my stomach again and am taking alternate doses of paracetamol and nurofen, and again have the heat pad on my stomach and generally feel a bit ‘off’. No sign of any bleeding though.
I have also put on a pound this week which I’m sure must be due to the water retention as I’ve been watching my diet after the Christmas excess, and exercising (I weigh 10 stone).
I didn’t have this degree of pain when I was on the pill, and I can honestly say that I wished I hadn’t had it fitted. Maybe when it’s settled down I’ll feel differently, but at the moment I regret the decision. I am seeing my doctor on Monday for a check up so I’ll have a chat to her about it, but obviously they are not keen to remove it so quickly due to the cost implications, and I am prepared to ‘sit it out’ anyway as I’m sure it’ll improve with time, it’s just a case of getting used to it and for it to settle down.
Hopefully next time I write it will be with more positive comments.


theory7 - January 30

i have had the mirena coil fitted in july 09 and bled for nearly all of sept and oct 09. have now bled more heavily for 4 days than before it was fitted. would like to know whether this is normal(was sterilised in sept 95)


brooksie - January 31

Hi to Deb and Theory 7! I think that you will both find that all the cramps and discomfort fade with time - when my Mirena was fitted, I had pains on and off for about 6 months. The bleeding was never really a problem but the pains were definately there. After that it all settled really well and I never had a period again which was great. You will see if you look back that I have just had mine taken out this week - this was due to other issues which may or may not be linked to the Mirena. But if you want to be period pain and bleed-free I think that the Mirena is the right option. I hope it soon settles for both of you.


suky222 - February 1

Hi, well its a week ago today that I had my mirena coil fitted. I have had a lot of pain since the day after it was fitted and have felt bloated and bruised. My whole body aches so I contacted the doctor and went in for a check this afternoon.
Turns out that I have an infection in my womb and its 'swollen and enlarged'-considering the pain I've had I'm not at all surprised. Anyway, hopefully the antibiotics will work and things will settle down!



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