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Mirena coil
89 Replies
suky222 - February 1

Hi, well its a week ago today that I had my mirena coil fitted. I have had a lot of pain since the day after it was fitted and have felt bloated and bruised. My whole body aches so I contacted the doctor and went in for a check this afternoon.
Turns out that I have an infection in my womb and its 'swollen and enlarged'-considering the pain I've had I'm not at all surprised. Anyway, hopefully the antibiotics will work and things will settle down!


hilo123 - February 2

Hi Suky, I've had exactly the same problem as you - but it took them two and a half weeks to diagnose the infection. I'm on a massive cocktail of antibiotics now - the bloating is easing and the pain is much better. I am still bleeding a little and I have mild period pains, which sounds more like how it should be. I just wished they had diagnosed the infection earlier - I felt like I was a complete wimp, because they kept telling me I should be recovering and I still felt awful. Thank goodness I'm on the mend now!


pesty555 - February 2

Hi. Am new here and was wondering whether anyone can help. I had the mirena coil fitted in November, checked in December (all was ok). Most of the pain has stopped, but what remains can be cured by Nurofen. What bothers me the most is when will the "spotting" stop? I have had spotted since it was fitted, and it hasn't stopped yet (although i wish it would).


theory7 - February 2

my coil has been causing no end of problems and came out today. have bleeding very heavily for a week.


hilo123 - February 2

hi pesty555, I've only had my coil in for three weeks so I can't comment from my own experience as I'm still bleeding a small/moderate amount. However, I also belong to a menopause forum where there has been some discussion about this. Most people seem to say that the spotting stops within two to three months, but some women report it continuing for up to 6 months. Hope your spotting stops soon!


moomin - February 4

Hi I've had the mirena coil fitted today after problems with heavy periods over the last year. They were lasting 10-12 weeks with only a 2 week break in between and also very heavy. After being fed up with bleeding constantly and having iron deficiency anemia (not to mention the expense for sanitary products)I decided to have the coil fitted to ease the symptoms.
I had a hysteroscopy (painless), biopsy (mild pain) and insertion of mirena coil (mild discomfort). Just have some back ache now, no worse than period pain. Hope it works!


zenlad - February 5

I had the mirena coil fitted last friday and have had so many problems and the pain has been horrendous - is it worth it?


missbowley - February 9

hi girls looking for a bit of help, I've had my mirena coil for nearly 5 years it's due to be replaced in April worked great no side effects always had regular lighter periods never late but have now missed two periods I did 3 pregnancy tests all negative thank god is this normal to experience this as the coil get near its sell by date please help


cindymaz - February 20

i had mirena coil fitted in October after having a couple cysts removed from my womb.I'm still spotting daily with period cramps throughout the month. That said, its still much better than heavy bleeding and severe period cramps which i would liken to 1st stage labour (had 3 kids)
I am going to give it till 6 month mark and if spotting doesn't stop then i will have to return to my doc, but really don't want to have it removed and return to my old nightmare days........


louise32 - February 21

hi i am thinking of having the mirena coil fitted but i am unable to have oestragen as i suffer from migraine. does the mirena have that in? any info will be great thanks.


hilo123 - February 21

hi louise, the mirena coil only contains progesteron. I'm taking elleste solo to get my estrogen for HRT purposes.


suky222 - February 22

Well I had my mirena coil fitted 4 weeks ago today and I'm still spotting/moderately loosing each day. I am also still getting period pain every day - sometimes really bad. From reading above I guess I have a few months of this possibly which does fill me with dread. I just really hope this settle's down and works.
I had 4 months of HRT and nasty side effects before I tried this coil and I'm still getting the sweats (not on HRT anymore!)I must admit that I am sick of feeling rough and not my normal self. :-(


Romes - March 2

Hi, Had my Mirena Coil fitted 3 months ago and still have bleeding(spotting) on and off, but have stabbing cramps(which I've never had before), so bad it makes you double-up in pain! Been back to Dr. twice and he says just keep with it! I had it fitted because of having endometrosis, it's supposed to prevent it coming back. Does anyone know another treatment for endometrosis? I can't bear the thought of sex with all these cramps (poor husband)!


suky222 - March 15

Hi, well i went for my check up last week for my mirena and the doc decided to remove it as I was in so much pain and loosing still every day. It is a relief to let my system calm down. I couldn't cope with the pain levels so my doc has refered me to the gyno at the hospital to see where I go next as far as treatment is concerned. I think I am gonna try for a hysterectomy as other treatments don't always work and often have to be repeated a year later. I just want the pain of my periods to stop. I want to feel like me again. I'll let you know what the gyno at the hospital says...


Katts - March 30

Hi, I have only had the Mirena in a week, but it's uncomfortable and I keep getting sharp pains really low, is this normal?
It looks as though I have to persevere for a few months, but I am going on holiday in two weeks and wanted to make sure everything was ok before I went!


jal203 - April 19

It usually does have some pain for a week or so after you get it fitted. I got cramps for about a month.

If you are going in 2 weeks, maybe if its still hurting just before you go, pop to the doctors to check its ok. I'm surprised they fitted it before you went and not after as then you wouldn't have to worry about it!



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