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Mirena coil
89 Replies
jal203 - April 19

It usually does have some pain for a week or so after you get it fitted. I got cramps for about a month.

If you are going in 2 weeks, maybe if its still hurting just before you go, pop to the doctors to check its ok. I'm surprised they fitted it before you went and not after as then you wouldn't have to worry about it!


rachelprenter - April 28

hi ladies,i am new to this forum,i have the mirena in two years,and since i had it put in,i have not been happy,i have experienced mood swings and a lot of bleeding lately,also the worst thing of all is the weight gain,i have always watched my weight,and it doesnt matter what i do i cannot shift it,i just keep putting it on,i am convinced its the coil,so i am getting it removed and i cant wait,does anyone know if its painful getting it removed,thanks


Romes - April 28

I had my coil removed after 3 months and the stabbing pains stopped immediately! The removal took one minute. I relaxed(honest) and felt about a second of discomfort!


rachelprenter - April 29

thanks romes i am getting mine out tomorrow,i will try and relax,but i am dreading it,i will let u know how i get on with it


JMA28 - April 30

Hi all. I am new to this forum and am thinking of having the Mirena Coil fitted as it can stop your periods. I have had a coil fitted since my daughter was born 12 years ago and have never had any probles at all. I had an appointment with the family planning clinic this week to discussthis and I was advised of the side effects and the fact that this can make you bleed for long periods and sporadically for around 6 months. I was advised to try and bare this in mind and try to avoid holidays etc because of this. I was told that they would do swabs before this was fitted to make sure that if you do have any form of infection, this was cleared up before a new coil is fitted.
I am still making my mind up on this, but after reading the comments on this website I am amazed at the amount of ladies who did not know about all this before they had it fitted - or mayeb they did and forgot. We should remember that we all have different pain thresholds and cope with side effects in different ways.
When it comes to the coil in general I would recommend this to anyone and I have never had any issues with these. Alot of my friends have had the Mirena and have not had any problems and are relishing the fact that thry do not have periods or pains at all. It just goes to show that not every kind of birth control suits all, but there are other options out there - you just need to try until you get the one that's best for you.

I am still contemplating my options, but I will read as much as I can about the side effects and make a decision based on this. If it doesn't work for me then I'll just have to put up with the periods!!


suziesue - May 31

I had the mirena coil fitted nearly 5 years ago and it changed my life. Before I suffered heavy periods with bloody clots etc and I was having periods every two weeks. It ruined my sex life but since having it fitted everything has been fantastic I was offered thermal abrasion by the Gnae or a mirena. I am coming to end of the coil and I have slight bleeding my periods stopped but got symptons with no bleeding strange I know but no more worries and having to carry clean pants and santitory protection all the time. I just cant believe it took so long to get this new coil. Good luck to everyone and please give it a go.


Katyyyyyyyy - June 8

Hi all, I'm 20 and seriously thinking about getting the Merina fitted as I am on Yasmin, apparently the best pill available, but my periods are getting more and more painful and heavy and I'm fed up, let alone how my boyfriend feels with the mood swings !! I went to see my doctor today and she suggested this to me, she didn't however mention any of the horrible stuff on here !! How much does it hurt having it fitted and I don't know whether the benefits outweigh the things that could go wrong ?? Really indecisive - help !! Thank you :)


JMA28 - June 9

Just had it fitted tonight. Pain was uncomfortable but not agonising pain - although I have a high pain threshold and I have had two children (one 10lb 10oz!!!). I have had other coils fitted and the pain was no different and they are usually better qualified at FPC where they do them all the time.

There is a calendar on the back of the booklet you get about the Mirena where you can shade in and keep track of the irregular bleeding etc, although everyone is different and may not experience this, or may have it worse until it settles down.
Anyone thinking of having this fitted shold go to there local Family Planning Clinic where the options, down sides, positives etc are all discussed and then you can establish if this is right for you.
I was on holiday last week and my period started on the 2nd day until I came home which just put a dampner on it for both me and my husband - that is why I have had this Mirena coil fitted, purely to stop the periods at all the wrong times - Just hope it works!!
Will keep you posted on progress.


rachelprenter - June 10

hi ladies,i did have my mirena coil removed after two years,best decision i have made,i had bleeding for the first six months,then nothing,and the last six months all the time,it does not hurt getting it out,i am now back to regular periods, i have stopped gaining weight,i am now attening a gynacolagest because i have a problem with my cervix and its all down to the coil,even the doctor said it was the best thing i done,no regrets now,i was terrified getting it out and honestly it was nothing


katts - June 10

I've now had the mirena in for two months and although the spotting stopped after a couple of weeks, I do still spot now and again, with no pattern at all! I get very bad cramping/dragging pains and have got to put it down to the coil. My doctor has checked and says it's in the right place but it's doesn't feel right. My sex drive has also plummeted, I really have to make an effort or it just wouldn't happen!
I will persevere with it, but I really wish I'd taken to the time to research it more thoroughly before I had it fitted; truth being, I don't think I would've. I'm hoping things will improve .......


maz_ola - June 13

I've had my coil in for four years now always had regular periods and never had any trouble but last month i had a really light period and this month nothing at all done a pregnancy test which was negative but i'm starting to feel pregnant i read that the hormones wear off after three years does anyone know if this is true and is there any chance i could be pregnant ????


Handy - July 8

Hi, I am thinking of getting the Mirena coil fitted. I have tried several different pills and am currently on cerazette for 3 months (I have been lightly bleeding for 9 weeks). My doctor recommended I try cerazette for 1 more month, and if that didn't work to consider the mirena coil. I'm a bit nervous as I think I am just one of those women that is prone to break through bleeding during the month.
Also - has anyone's partner been able to feel it during sex? My main reason for using the pill and possibly the coil is for contraceptive reasons (although I do get cramps when I'm 'hormone free'). I don't want my partner to feel uncomfortable during intercourse.


Beckie15 - July 18

Ive had the mirena in for 2 years now and have loved it until the last 2 months.I have suddenly started losing clots again and spotting for 3-4 days the week before im due on.I am going to phone the docs on monday and get it checked but i only had my annual coil check at the start of may and everything was fine.Will keep you posted.x


katts - July 20

Hi. Well I persevered for just over 3 months, but just couldn't tolerate all the side effects any more. I had constant pains and cramps, weight gain, mood swings (and I never suffered before!), loss of libido and pain when we did try (my partner could also feel it), but worst of all acne. I never suffered spots as a teenager, but my skin errupted daily. I had it removed by my doctor this morning, which to my relief was over in 30 seconds! (Having it put in was agony as my cervix needed to be dialated and believe me, it's the same as labour pains!). Within a couple of minutes I felt free of all the pain I've suffered over the last 3 months, it was such a huge relief. I litterally feel like dancing this afternoon, I feel better than I have for months. On the down-side I need to have a scan to investigate my heavy periods, but I can cope with that, I just don't ever want another coil!


katts - August 11

Since having the Mirena removed I have had a scan and have been diagnosed with fibroids. To be fair the the coil, this could explain the pain & bleeding I suffered whilst I had it. Just make sure you're fully aware of your health before having one fitted!


paidamoyo789 - September 6

hi all
l had the mirena fitted last friday, felt a bit of discomfort and bled a little. l am now waiting to see how my body will react to it but so far l have not spotted or bled. Im keeping fingers crossed.x



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