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Mirena coil
89 Replies
paidamoyo789 - September 6

hi all
l had the mirena fitted last friday, felt a bit of discomfort and bled a little. l am now waiting to see how my body will react to it but so far l have not spotted or bled. Im keeping fingers crossed.x


JMA28 - September 6

Since I had this fitted in June, thinngs are going well. I felt a strange 'pressure' and bloated sensation, my boobs felt like they were going to explode and the pain was something else and almost like a nervousness in my abdomen from time to time, but this didn't last very long and by the end of the fist month this had gone completely.
My periods have not stopped, but they are so slight I no longer need to use anything other than pantyliners.
I haven't put any weight on which I was concerned about as I had just lost alot, but I think I will always be cautious about this and make sure it doesn't get out of hand.
So far I am very pleased I had this fitted, and it has worked out for me.
Sorry to hear that this isn't working for everyone, just hope you can get your problems sorted with something that works for you.


emmzz - September 23

hi, i had the mirena coil fitted in october 06' a month after my son was born. it was a bit pain full having it inserted but didnt take long at all, i had all sorts of pain and severe cramps in the tops of my legs so much i could hardly walk for a week but overall i am very happy with it, i have had only 2 periods to date and very weak 1s!. i had no pains after a month, it for me was complete peace of choice i ever made.
me and my partner are now thinking of having another baby, i was just woundering if anyone on here has concieved after the mirena? ansd if so how long it took them?? :o)


chellz21 - September 28

i have had to have the coil fitted today as a last attemp before surgery, i have pcos and very very heavy bleeding constantly. so far all i have had is really bad back and front ache, this only stops when i walk. will this stop? it also feels like somethings trying to squeeze out of me when i stand, i asked my gyne who fitted it if it was normal and he said yes but im not 100 % convinced. arrrrrggggghhhh


emmzz - September 29

yeah i had them sort of pains also....i was worried but wanted to give it time to settle down and it did in time. if i was you i would wait at least a month and if you still feel uneasy about it talk to your doctor about how you feel, in my case it took around 2 months to settle but has been fantastic ever since good luck x


zoes74 - September 30

Hi all - I am thinking of having the coil, at present I am on injection and in past 6 months put on stone in weight - does the coil have this side effect too?


polly0494 - October 17

I have had a 2 year break from Contraception and am currently considering my options. I previously used Yasmin but due to my age (41), I am no longer suitable for this :-(

I did have a Mirena coil fitted about 3 years ago but did not give it time to settle, or for me to get used to it.

My biggest concern is weight gain. I currently weigh 9.5 stone and strive to maintain this, having been up to 3 stones heavier many years ago.

My question therefore is, does the Mirena coil cause big weight gain. I have read through the posts on this forum and there has been some mention of weight gain but not as much as I expected. I really don't want to take the pill as it causes such bad mood swings and my skin really suffers.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


Catess76 - October 23


I had the merina 'fitted' 10 days ago, the fitting wasn't great, but bearable and fast enough thank god !! I just got very strong lower back pain, which paracetamol fixed fine. Seemed ok really for next 8 days with very minor spotting at end then I started to feel exhausted and tempremental and on day 9 I came on heavy. Day 10 today i have been on about the heaviest I ever had. Very unpleasant and lots of lower back pain, exhaustion and generalally feeling horrible. I hope this passes soon, I couldn't put up with this for too long, its just awful.I have no energy and feel very lethargic and lots of tummy and back cramping. BUT the doc did say this could happen and for upto 3 months (hopefully not)...and then hopefully my periods will almost if not totally go (I'd prefer almost) and I've heard but not by doc that it can cure PMT which I get very very bad and feel depressed with it too. i just hope this all sorts itself out soon and I feel better than ever asap :-) things we women have to go through hey....unreal !!! lol x

Caroline x


polly0494 - October 24

Went to my local FPC in the week and although I mentioned the Mirena coil, the lady seemed insistent on giving me the mini-pill, despite all the issues I have previously experienced with many brands of pill. She has prescribed Femulen. I hope it is ok :-)


gem2010 - November 4

I had the mirena coil fitted nearly 4 months ago. The insertion was difficult as I am only 20 and have had no children. I was in agony and off work for about four days after being told by nhs to go straight to hospital. After about 3 weeks the cramping calmed down a lot and the bleeding stopped almost immediately after I had it put in. However, now I am in pain most days, bleeding, discharge and thrush are all constant and whenever my boyfriend and I do manage to have sex, I suffer for days afterwards.

I don't know whether to persevere or try having it taken out. I cant go back to my periods being the way they were as they usually resulted in my collapsing and being off work for 2 days. Having started a new job, this is something I cant afford to do.
anyone else experienced anything similar? I know it is the only one guaranteed to lighten periods and i dont want to mess with my body too much as I tried several different pills for years before having this inserted. Also, I cant take normal pills as i have to have low eastrogen contraceptives. (at least I think thats it anyway!)

any help would be useful!


Catess76 - November 4

There's an injection you can have that lasts 3 months, I've heard this is very good, don't know all the details but I reckon its worth a check. If the coil doesn't work for me and I'm still not so sure but early days...then I will definatley try the 3 month injection, supposed to be no periods on that. ?? x

I'm in 3rd week of havin marina coil and no bleeding at mo but really bad lower back ache but don't know if its related really as its not a period pain type ache. Just have to see what happens. Going to go and get it checked next week anyway to make sure its still there as I 'can't find it'. Grim.

I just hope eventually it all works out .....


clare_avon - November 28

Hi, I'm due my 6 month check up tomorrow morning and thought I'd do some more research before I go.... I had the coil fitted after my 3rd child was born almost 10 years ago.... just a regular coil... phoned to get it taken out at 5 years to be told "we leave them in now unless you're having problems".... I'd persisted all that time with REALLY heavy periods, to the point I'd get through several pairs of trousers oper day, and couldn't bear the thought of sitting down in someone elses house for fear of leakage!! (not to mention wrecking the car seats!)
Anyway, earlier this year I had the coil removed under general anaesthetic as it had 'got lost' in my "cauvacious cavity"(!) (excuse spelling:)
I had the Mirena fitted on the recommendation of a friend who's a gynea nurse at a local hospital.. On my 6 week check I knew the gyneacologist would ask if there were any problems during sex.... problem is, my libido is now non-existent.... ive got almost permanent breast tenderness/heaviness, back ache, bloating, sporadic pains and thought I'd put on weight, dispite still exercising as normal.... I now have the dilemma of what to do.... it's great having a lighter period BUT at what cost....I can't ever imagine ever wanting to have sex again, and that was partly the reason for having it put in - as a contaception..........
Reading these threads had definately helped me as all these symptoms I've put up with or even thought I'd imagined............
what a choice.....


jakehannahsmom - December 1

hello ladies. i had mirena inserted 6weeks ago. after having my 2nd child. after i had him i was diagnosed with Postpartum Endometrtis, and was dmitted in the hospital for 4 days on antibiotics. Ever since i have had mirena inserted i have beeen bleeding non stop, and very crampy!

So after a few weeks going through this i decided to to some research on Postpartum Endometritis! it says on 1 reasons not to have mirena insertted or to have it took out is if you have or had Postpartum Endometritis!l

Any suggestions?? Should i go see a diffrent Dr?


pritchygirl - December 5

iv just had my 2nd mirena fitted all is gd apart fom my hair has gone really greasy,has any1 else experienced this & hav u any suggestions?


amywh85 - January 20

Hi there im new to here and just wanted some advice before i decide what action to take. I have tried 5 different pills and had two Depo injections over last 10 years and suffer excessive bleeding that can last in excess of 6 six weeks. A year ago i ran out of pills and decided to just stop taking but 4 weeks later i lost 2 pints of blood and was advised that I cannot come off the pill. This was pretty bad news because i am getting married this year and desperate to start trying for a baby as soon as we are. Dr said that they would figure out what to do with me when the times and that i would be back to mefenamic acid n tranaxemic acid. My family planning clinic are saying that i should try a Mirena as i have no more pills left to try and it can be removed whenever i want. I am just not sure whether to go for it or not. .
Any advce is greatly appreciated becuase i need to make my mind up asap. Thnks in advance, Amy


anderson111 - February 7

Millions of women have the Mirena and have no problems at all, so please try to keep things in perspective.



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