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Mirena coil
89 Replies
anderson111 - February 7

Millions of women have the Mirena and have no problems at all, so please try to keep things in perspective.


Catess76 - February 9

Hello all, Well its been about 3.5 months now since I had Mirena, Overall yes its better. I was told can take 6 months for full benefits but over half way there and less heavy periods (would like them to get lighter though still if poss)... little less PMT and a general better situation than I was in earlier. Will try and remeber to post in a few months for more of an update :-)


Caroline x


JMA28 - February 14

Well thought it was time to update again. I had the Mirena fitted last June (2010) and I have nothing but praise for it, although it does have it's pitfalls sometimes (sore boobs and the occasional pain in my right side) - but I guess it's all about balance.

My periods are very light indeed, some cycles I may really only be on for two days, but all cycles are really light and only really worth using pantyliners for although I have been using the lightest tampons as I have found I can get a 'burning' sensation sometimes and this seems to eleviate it altogether.

My weight hasn't been affected, but I am really careful after losing some weight to make sure I do not start gaining all over again, so maybe that is why.
I have no libido, but I am not sure this is a result of the Mirena - I can't remember when I last felt I had it!! Infact it has been that long, I don't remember what it felt like - any tips on how to get this back, most welcome. My poor husband would welcome a change in this, I am more than sure.

My best friend is on her secong Mirena coil (she recommended this to me) and hasn't had a period since it settled down after about six months of first having it fitted.

I would recommend you try and keep it fitted for at least six months (as long as you do not have any underlying issues as some have mentioned on here) because I think it really does take this long to settle down - but then I am no expert and the pill never agreed with me.

I had the injection in the past for a while, and I found that I didn't have a period with this, but I did put weight on. Equally I had two normal coils fitted and had regular periods, but no side effects or problems.

Why is it so difficult to know what to do for the best and to improve your quality of life? Just remember we are all different and what is good for one may not be for another. Keep trying until you get something that works for you.
Good luck to all and I hope things work out for you.


wildkatzt - February 21

Can any1 help please. I was diagnosed pcos when i was 18 now 31 had the normal pcos issues but dealt with them. Early last year periods went regular 5-6 weeks and light. normal cycle anything from 8 weeks to 9 months. Then all hell broke in october (2010) and still going now middle of feb (2011) wow i thought i was heavy before nothing compared with this. 30 towels in 1 hour (60 if u include that i have to double the length) at its worst and clot the size u would not believe. had a scan done jan because when it eases i get pain in my right kidney. when i saw gyn my linning is very thick have the pcos cysts and a non pcos cysts on ovaries and a endrometrial polyps. When I was 16 had probs with periods then so was put on the pill. Had a extremly bad reaction to it. nearly had to get sedated and gained 2 stone in 3 weeks. Dr wants me to try the mirena coil but really scared. have 2 special delivery children and worried about side effects really dont want to go phyco again and def dont need to put any more weight on. I have heard so many thing can use with pcos cant can use with cysts cant use. I would rather have hysterectomy cant have kids because of severity of pcos and fed up with pain but dr says after lapyoscopy(sorry about spelling) I have to try the mirena coil before he will do anything else. Is it safe with cysts and pcos cysts and when u already have pain when u attempt intercourse what happens when u have the coil in. Also my cervix is extremely low aand tilted at the mo so worried. sorry about the rant


harps - February 21

hi i had a coil fitted just before xmas, i'm finding it a little weird. ive put on weight have acne have migranes and my bleeding is lasting for over a month. i feel depressed and burst into tears nearly all the time. is this what really happens or is it just me? can anyone comment? thanks.


tanyayeoman - February 28

I am looking for some advice; I have been using the injection as contraception for about 7 years now but in the last couple it has played havoc with my skin! I am looking at swapping to the Mirena or the implant (not so keen due to being able to feel this under your skin!) But I want to know if anyone has done this and how easy the transition was?



Marie-France - April 7

I have mine fitted over 3 years ago. Although the fitting was painful and I spent the evening after under a blanket with a glass of wine, it was a good decision. A couple of weeks after fitting I had a very light, 3 days bleeding and nothing since. I can feel when I have my ovulation as well as my menstruation but no blood, no cramps, no pain, no water retention. I lost 2 stones but I did it deliberately to get back to my normal weight. I put them on after a course of antidepressants due to a family crisis.
A couple of weeks ago I had a slight bleeding for a couple of days and than again this week the same thing. I made an appointment in Family Planning Clinic in two weeks time because they didn’t have any earlier one. The internet research didn’t give any answers. I like to think that the level of hormone has dropped after 3 years hence my body goes back to its normal pattern. I have to say that for my own comfort I would rather change to coil to a new one now, then have regular or irregular periods again, even if I have to pay for it from my own pocket. Please let me know if you have had similar symptoms, otherwise I will let you know in 2 weeks time.


rebekahmarie - June 11

i am in my young teens and have had 2 laparoscopies in the past 2 months. the first to diagnose and remover a very small amount of endometriosis present, had sever pain afterwards. to by gyno who performed the surgery that there was nothing wrong. 2 weeks later was rushed to hospital with severe abdo pain, gyno did ct scan which was clear and sent home. was still in severe pain. saw different gyne who was very understanding and started me on an extremely strong dose of the pill. been on it now for about 3 months and have had horrible side effects but been told by GP to just hang in there. severe abdo pain still hadn't gone either. recently rushed into hospital again with extreme lower abdo pain and cramping. had pelvic exams, several pelvic ultrasounds and saw 15 different doctors who could not diagnose me, so after 5 days took me into an emergency laparoscopy where more endo was found, but only the size of a match stick head! no one could understand where the pain was coming from. so was sent home. 3 days later rushed back into hospital for same reason plus extreme pain where it should not of been. more scans and tests done which showed a hemotoma and an infection from surgery. the hemotoma disappeared the next day which the doctors don't understand why. infection was treated, but pain was getting worse, and they couldn't find out what was causing it. they believed i was making it up, but after having to speak with a psychologist, she believed the pain was real. doctors didn't no what to do and didn't believe it was anything gyne related so sent me home after 5 days with heavy painkillers. still have the same pain, which comes in goes in strength but is still always there. now getting severe cramping when i move certain ways, walk and do some things. really considering a hysterectomy but i no that is not reasonable. was told by the second gyne i saw that a mirena coil could be a possibility after the first surgery i had. am now really looking into it but all the side effects are considering me as i am only still young and have already missed so much school and really cant afford to miss more. really stuck on what way to go as the pill is just not working for me. any thoughts would be extremely helpful


Psyche Delic - March 28

Can weight gain be a side effect of the mirena? - July 21

Hi got coil fitted 10 June this year and have been spotting and bleeding since then to date. Checked 2 weeks ago coil was in right position. Just wonder when this will settle down. Seems I might be one of the unlucky ones that will take quite a few months to settle? I have had nothing but painful craps since then and had to go to doc and get strong painkillers. Not sure what to do I am 40 and have been sterlised but on this because of bad periods.


Tracy 1 - February 2

Hi can anyone help , I have had terrible heavy & long periods , so I had a marine coil fitted 3 weeks ago I am really pleased I've had no blood at all for 3 weeks which is amazing since I was bleeding all the time practically but today I
started bleeding again its really heavy and painful could something have gone wrong with my coil??


jolyajones - February 26

No. there is no something have gone wrong to your coil. that is a real problem with you. You consult a specialist doctor in the women's health field.


littlelambie - April 9

Hi pesty555 only just joined so forgive late reply!I'm on my 2nd mirena.I hope your spotting has stopped but be prepared to have spotting at varying degrees throughout,I did..... but hopefully you won't!Best of luck xx


wonder44 - May 27

Don't mean to alarm anyone but read all the information and ask questions before having the coil. I have had terrible pain for the past 3 years mainly in my lower back but also in my pelvis and thighs. My coil was due for checking and replacing, anyway I decided I didn't want it anymore. I went to have it removed and the nurse couldn't find it. I am now being sent for an ultrasound, and may need it surgically removed. i have since done some research and it is surprising how many this has happened to. Also I found that some women had reported their suspicions of a link between the coil and breast tumours. This really alarmed me as I have recently gone through the ordeal of having a breast tumour removed. Fortunately it was benign.

I had the coil for heavy periods but wish I hadn't now. Consider all the pro's and con's and do your research.



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