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Mirena Coil
10 Replies
LisaJ - May 13

I went to see a gynaecologist yesterday as I am not allowed to go on the pill. I have to go and have my womb frozen (sounds nice!) and then they have recommended I go on the Mirena coil as its just a local hormone. (I have had breast cancer, hence why I can't have the pill)
Has anyone had this or on it at the moment? I have read some scare stories on the web!! Thanks, Lisa


sami 66 - May 21

Hi everyone, im new to the forum, really needing some advice or reasurance. Im 44 years old and for about a year, was taking the mini pill, cerezette, my periods were a nightmare, not heavy but lasting up to 3 weeks at a time, when they stopped i was fit and healthy for 3 weeks so sort of learned to live with it, over xmas i went to my gp as id run out of pills, mentioned the bleeding and was told to stop taking it as "it didnt suit me"! The followin 4 cycles, up to april were horrendous, lasting about 5 days, i cant begin to explain the blood loss, the worse was one day, in the shower, i felt a small pain in my left side then a great rush of huge blood clots, it was frightening, back to my gp where i was referred to hospital, saw a gynae, who then booked me in for a hysteroscopy, biopsy and a mirena coil under a general anesthetic. Had that done on 27 april, gynea spoke to me afterwards and said he couldnt find anything wrong, fibriods etc, left hospital with a pad on as there was a fair amount of blood, i think from the procedure, next day i felt fat and fed up, side effect from the general anestetic, i felt like i had something stuck inside me, like a tampon but i read on a different forum that thats due to the hystoroscopy, they inflate the womb with gas and i had probaly some discomfort from the procedure anyway. i had cramps in my back, never had that before, and mild period pain, but no bleeding! On the saturday, 3 days ater, a brown discharge started, by the end of the day it turned to slight bleeding, at the same time i also started where i couldnt focus on anything apart from this thing in my body, got real upset, i just wanted it out, , sunday was the same, my tummy was huge, i had cramps, couldnt stop crying, it was totaly freaking me out that i had a plastic thing stuck in my body. Bank holiday monday, the same, tuesday, straight to my gp, sat crying, begged her to get it out of me, told her i was bleeding, just abit more than spotting, she calmed me down, said feeling like i am was perfectly normal, general anesthetic can make you bloated and weepy, she spoke about 10 minuites about the mirena, how good it is, what its for etc, she even showed me one, its horrible lol! so that was it, came away, abit reasured, i begged her to take it out but its still there! up till last wednesday things were the same, non stop brown discharge turning to bleeding, my tummy back to normal, no longer weepy just sick to death of the nuisance bleeding, i decided to go back to the gym, wednesday morning, cardio, a few weights, felt ok, came home, sat down, stood up, coughed, and it was like a blood bath, no warning, probaly the heavyest bleed iv ever had, i went dizzy, felt abit sick, it was awfull. i got an emergancy appointment with my gp, she said, bear with it, things take time to settle, it will get better!When i said id been to the gym, she said, "oh, thats probaly why youve had the bleed, you shouldnt of gone"! Whats that all about! am i bleeding from the biopsy, hardly likely it was 3 weeks ago, is it this coil, why do i start flooding again afer an hour in a gym! Its now 3 weeks today since the bleeding started, from wensday, iv had period cramps, feel like crap, tired, my period isnt due, woke up this morning, had to hold myself and run to the toilet, heavy blood loss, flooding yesterday, looks like today is gonna be the same, i cant use tampons, risk of infection after the biopsy, absolutely cant take anymore, iv forgotten what its like to be normal, just want to talk to somebody who knows what this is like. Thanks Sam x


boozy3112 - May 25

Hi Lisa, I hope I am going to write with a little comfort, I had to stop the pill due to DVT's in my legs.

I started on the implant in my arm and theat didn't stop the period problem and then when I finally went to a new doctor, where I live now, he suggested the Mirena, yes like you I had heard horror stories, but, the doctor calmed me down and said that it would help, here I am three years on liveing proof that it does work. Believe me I never expected this to work, Also I thought that I would be able to feel it, I feel normal, when I do have period pains every 6 months or so and a light blot, where I only where panytliners not Super tampax for super floods it is great.

Please remember we are all different, I have had problems with heavy periods, extremely bad period pains and PMS for over 25 years I am now 40, I have no problems with what I have got. I wished I had tried it before (so does my husband!!!)

Please give it a try, if you don't like it they can take it out.

I hope this might have helped a little. Susie x


belle47 - May 27

hi all
well boozy i have to agree, i had my mirena fitted 5 yrs ago....and was the best thing i ever did...although for the first 6 weeks i didnt think so as i bled constantly! but once it settled down i only ever had the odd day of spotting and that was very rare,,,had the odd scare when they couldnt find the strings on a routine examination,,,so had to have a scan, as apparently it can fall out or embed into the womb but luckily the strings had just wrapped around my cervix somehow....i have always had a strange body lol ,had it taken out few months ago and bang, am suffering the worst periods ever so am just awaiting appt to have another fitted!! would say to any woman to go ahead & have it and just bear with any probs u may have at first as it is so worth it!!


PGTips - June 4

I had the Merina fitted 5 months ago after using the mini pill for years. The pain for 2 weeks after fitting was horrific although there was not really any bleeding which i was expecting. Since then at 3 times per month i am woken in the middke of the night by the most horrendous stabbing pains in my stomach, feelings of nausea and light headed but again no bleeding. Anybody had the same. I am very close to having it removed;


shaz40 - June 16

hi everyone new to this ....ive had the mirena coil in na since my second daughter who is 16 ive had it changed twice na but just recantly ive had bleeding na is this normol ?plz plz help has iam going crazy thinking there sumthing really serious many thanks sharon xx


lantajade - May 10


im 18 and i have just literally had to coil fitted, and it was horrible, so uncomfortable. had it fitted due to very painful, heavy and odd periods! and im in so much pain!? how long does the pain last? as im a person that cannot cope with pain. many thanks atlanta xxx


motherof5girls - May 15

I had the mirena coil fitted 4wks ago and it was painless, just a tiny second of discomfort. I had it fitted on 2nd day of period so bleed for 5days (as normal) and then spotted for 2wks. I have been blood free for over a week and it has never been uncomfortable or sore. I have 5 young children (oldest is 8yrs) so I'm hoping this is a sign that it will work for me. My mother had the copper coil fitted over 25yrs ago and was advising me against this because she nearly bled to death while on it, but thankfully my experience is different. The doctor did say you need to give it 3-6mths to settle but if your still in pain after this go back and get checked out.


websitedesign25 - June 26

I started on the implant in my arm and theat didn't stop the aeon botheration and again if I assuredly went to a new doctor, area I reside now, he appropriate the Mirena, yes like you I had heard abhorrence stories, but, the doctor calmed me down and said that it would help, actuality I am three years on liveing affidavit that it does work. Believe me I never accepted this to work, Also I anticipation that I would be able to feel it, I feel normal, if I do accept aeon pains every 6 months or so and a ablaze blot, area I alone area panytliners not Cool tampax for cool floods it is great.
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davisbroen21 - June 27

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