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Mirena removal for copper coil insertion
2 Replies
jaymckae - April 4

Hello everyone

I had the Mirena coil inserted in August 2010. The insertion wasn't *too bad*, I didn't take any pain killers and it was uncomfortable and it definitely helps to breathe as though in labour (I haven't had a child, I'm just going with the movies). However the side effects have been HORRENDOUS! I am emotional, depressed, moody, cramp all the time, loss of libido, and a weight gain of 2 stone (in 8 months), I also have no energy and feel tired all the time, which isn't helping the weight gain. I am so fed up, I just want the old me back.

I am going on Wednesday to have the copper coil inserted, I really wish I could just rely on condoms, but we all know how easy it is to get caught up in the moment :) So as I have tried the mirena, depo provera, oral pill (microgynon and cilest), and implanon, I fell it is my duty to the contraceptive experts to give it a bash! I feel the non-hormonal route is the best option for me, I am turning into one crazy bitch, don't know how anyone puts up with me.

I am praying to God that I am successful with this, I can cope with the pain (as long as it's not the whole month) and if it means I can lose weight and get my normal mood back then I'll be extremely happy!! As will my boyfriend :)

Just to add, I have given each contraceptive a fair shot and have spent at least 1 year on most, apart from the Mirena. I am 24 years old and have not had any children, in case anyone wanted to know my background.

I will let you all know how I get on, please please please wish me luck!!


jaymckae - April 6

I wanted to give everyone my experience of having the mirena coil removed and copper coil inserted to replace it, to hopefully give a positive opinion.

The removal was a complete breeze, honestly - the Doctor asked me to cough and she whipped it out! I didn't feel one thing :)

The insertion of the copper coil was fine, slightly crampy but it really wasn't much more unpleasant than a smear test. The measuring of the womb is kind of nippy, but I honestly didn't find it bad at all. I had taken a couple of Ibuprofen about 2 hours before my appointment, so I recommend doing this!

The rest of the day, I felt great. My mood has been uplifted, and I feel so happy, although I'm not sure if this is psychosomatic as I had a terrible time on the mirena. I carried on as normal and was quite active, after having it fitted, and I am not having any problems. I have had some spotting, and a little bit of period type cramp but at the first instance of this, I have taken painkillers and it hasn't amounted to much :)

I am worried that I am 'speaking too soon', and I will report back with any other issues I have, I am also keeping a diary to check how my mood/weight etc has changed since the removal of mirena. If this coil works, I will be the happiest girl alive as I have had so much trouble with every other method.


helaine - March 16

I know this is an old post but I thought I'd give my story.

I've had both coils. I started out with the copper one after our first child was born which I had no real big issues apart from the really heavy flows that lasted around 7 days (the first 2-3 days were heavy and then it tapered off slowly)

I had it removed after having it 2.5 years as we wanted a second child.

After our youngest was born, I decided to go with the Mirena coil as the idea of having little to no periods were a nice idea!

I stuck it out with that coil for 3 years. I had it removed yesterday because I finally felt the bad outweighed the good.

The good of the mirena (for me) was in fact after 6 months I had little to no periods and haven't had any for the last 2.5 years while on it. An occasional spotting here and there but nothing like it was before.

The bad (again, for me) was I never had a problem with spots on my face and suddenly 2-4 months after getting it put in I started getting breakouts (and as I kept it up for 3 years I noticed a trend where I would break out more when I would have any spotting (if I had any) I also noticed my anxiety levels went through the roof and my motivation levels for just about anything! went way down. I felt angry all.the.time. I also noticed a few hairs on my chin that weren't there before! (what the heck?! I feel like I could join the circus some days!) I also gained weight due to the lack of motivation/anxiety that I couldn't seem to get rid of!

After reading a lot of women having the same problems I felt 3 years was enough and I've switched back to the copper. I'd rather deal with the week long periods and cramps for 2-3 days than having acne, chin hair and mood swings that didn't seem to go away!



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