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25 Replies
YuSSiriKa - September 30



prettyshalon - September 30

I dont think there's such thing as no surgery permanent birth control because i only know one permanent birth control for women and that is tubal ligation.if im not mistaken. - September 30

hello ladies..There is this new non-surgical method of permanent birth control that is being introduced and its called an ESSURE PROCEDURE.I think this is just new to you and even to me.but i dont have detailed information about this.ask a healthcare profesional to be sure w/ESSURE.


PiNky_piNk - September 30

Hi guys!!!Just an overview of Essure that i would like to share with you...Trusted by women and doctors for over five years, ESSURE is a permanent birth control procedure that works with your body to create a natural barrier against pregnancy.Small, flexible micro-inserts are placed in a woman`s fallopian tubes through the cervix without incisions. Over the next
three months, the body forms a natural barrier around the micro-inserts to prevent sperm from reaching the simple as that guys..


mommy angel - September 30

Yussirika, pinky is right.Essure is a non-surgical permanent birth control.and Since, itis a permanent procedure, and not Reversible, therefore, YOU must be sure (really really Sure)that you dont want children anymore.


Melanie Gay - September 30

Essure is a BIG Yes to you Yussirika. Essure is one of the newest birth control alternatives.It is a device intended for female non-incisional permanent birth is a spring-like coil inserted to block the fallopian tubes.and take note the average procedure time is only less than 30 minutes.


karylle - October 4

If i knew this before, i prefer to have this procedure compared to my tubes being cut through tubal ligation, which is very painful.but noww, Worry no more Yussirika coz theres already an easier way of permanent birth control without surgery.There's no easier way than ESSURE-the latest permanent birth control.this is easy and simple.


PiNky_piNk - October 4

I just wanna add something, before doing any permanent birth control be sure to talk your partner first and decide many times before its too late.Remember, this is permanent and non-invasive.but i f you feel that your family is complete then, GO AHEAD!


b e t H - October 4

Just wanna comment on saying that essure is a simple procedure..It's not really that simple theres still pain and discomfort that you have to feel after doing this.


Bianca M. - October 4

In 2002, the Food and Drug Administration or FDA approved the first transcervical sterilization method.A doctor goes through the cervix and into the uterus to reach the fallopian tubes. The tubes are then blocked permanently to prevent pregnancy.tHE First that is being introduced is the ESSURE.


mitch - October 7

essure is a risky method. talk to your doctor before deciding on this. pros and cons are the most important thing that you should always consider.


megan - October 7

does anyone here tried the essure procedure? i want to hear some input from those who experienced it.


meldz_60 - October 8

yes, i'd loved to hear that too... can someone share some of their experienced here?


Debbie Rose - October 9

The Essure procedure was so easy. I had my procedure in the morning, rested in the afternoon and felt like grocery shopping in the evening.That easy megan.


NiƱa Rica - October 9

Girl, i would recommend Essure...My Essure experience went very smoothly and was simple. The procedure itself took about 45 minutes and had very little to moderate pain and bleeding afterwards.By the next day, I felt completely normal and comfortable to go to work.


melody - October 9

There's no other way of having a no surgery method.It's only through Transcervical sterilization and the first one that is being introduced is Essure.I was very scared to have the Essure procedure, but it was painless, easy and fast without surgery.


megan - October 13

wow, that's really easy huh?! what about the side effects?



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