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please answer this...
11 Replies
catherine - November 27

is it possible to use male and female condoms altogether? yes i know this is a stupid question. but i would be very happy if you could answer this. thanks!


liz - November 27

lol! the answer is NO! it would both make them break because of the friction of the condoms rubbing together.


irish - November 27

hahahaha..that's weird! who could have thought about doing it? maybe you're the only one! haven't you thought that it wouldn't be very comfortable for the person wearing them?


lyka - November 27

not advisable! i think you should only choose one which suits you best. but you can always try to use each of them sometimes.


mira - November 27

i think nobody wants to wear two different condoms at the same time. come to think of it, wearing condoms may tend to lessen the sensation. how much more if you use two?


che-che - November 27

not a good idea.using two condoms at the same time will tend to break both because of friction.i suggest you use male condoms, it's more protective than female condoms.


rhoda - November 27

it's not advisable to use two physical barriers at the same time.anyway, what makes you think of asking such question?


meldz_60 - November 27

no it shouldn't be worn at the same time because there is a tendency that they will get stuck together and may cause one or the other to slip during intercourse. this will only cause problem.


leila - December 9

haven't heard of this before.i think this is a senseless question sorry to tell that.but who in the world would try and do this?


rica - December 19

my boyfriend has been doing this. he's been using two condoms at the same time. is it okay to do that?


old_lady - December 19

i don't think that's a good idea! why is he doing this anyway? that is so weird!


gera - December 19

agree with that! there is a possibilty of condom breakage. or it can also slip and left one of the condom inside.



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