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Please help with the right BC!! At the end of my tether!
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bertholley - December 10

Hi, I am new here so just bear with me.
I have been on BC for about 10 years, i was initially on Triphasil which was given to to balence my moods and help with my skin. I was extremely happy on it and never had any problems. Triphasil has been discontinued in the UK and for the last 4 years I have been battling to find the right one. I have just come off Cerazzette which was great for no periods but I had unbelievable mood sings and my hair was thinning. I can't go on the injection as I have a history of depression and bone problems in the family. I am not keen on the implant as I'm scared of needle and not keen on the Minera as its the same hormone as I believe its similar to Cerazette and I'm scared to have it put in.
I am desparate and need help!!! Canyou please help me???
I am in a stable commited relationship so do want to be on a BC.


bertholley - December 10

Oh, I have also picked up wieght over the 4 years and am battling to lose it again.


megan - December 15

would you consider natural methods? i don't have anything to suggest anymore since you've been very sensitive to many methods as you have mention here.


meldz_60 - December 15

how about male or female condom? vasectomy would be a good option too.


aira - December 15

no one can ever give the right advice for this. as we all know we are all different people and different BC method works differently for all of us.


sheryl - December 15

ask advice from your doctor or you can try different BC one after the other until you will find whats best for you. as for the weight issue, i suggest you give break to BCP because most BCP's causes weight gain.


bertholley - December 16

thank you! I have gone off everything for the time being and once my body has recovered then I will go back to the clinic and try all until I find the right one!!


yna - December 18

good for you. maybe you can also try depo. i was on pill before and now on depo, i can really say there's a big difference. i feel much better now.


jena - December 19

try diane or yaz. it worked well to most woman. havent heard of serious side effects from those who tried.



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