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PMDD/PMS and being on the pill
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Sophie_Gillian - October 31

My name is Sophie and I am 25.

I just thought I would start by saying, I have just had the worst month of my life ever since starting my period a month ago. I have been on femodene combined contraceptive pill on and off for two years, but continuously for the last 8 months. A month ago this coming Monday, I woke up with my period and nothing was the same, and it hasn't been ever since. I started questioning if I was really happy- in my relationship mostly, but with work and everything else around me too, which I enjoyed tremendously all the day before! Literally, my world turned upside down overnight as my period arrived. I have had spiralling out of control thoughts about not loving my boyfriend ever since, even though that I know in my heart that I do, and we have a wonderfully happy relationship aside this. Luckily, he has been incredibly supportive and I have been able to explain what has been going on in my head without him freaking out.

During this time that I have been unwell, I have lost a job and quit an evening class I was doing. it literally crippled me!! I have had okay days and some really awful days, but mostly feeling severely depressed, anxious and having panic attacks. I haven't felt like doing any of my normally favourite activities or working out which I did religiously every day before. I find exercise doesn't even help at the moment.

I am about to have my period again, and have decided to come off the pill all together now after thinking about how all this has effected my life over the years. Has anyone ever experienced something similar? or find that coming off the pill has helped??

Thanks so much!


Vina - June 28

i am considering not to take pills anymore. my moods are keeping me off the track. there are really days that made me feel elusive to do things.



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