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25 Replies
monkey - October 6

firstly i apologise if i am posting on the wrong part of the forum. I could not find a topic that relates to what i wish to discuss.
My girl friend suffers terribly every month. Although there is episodes that i put down to merely mood. Before her period each month she becomes down and depressed. It seems to peak in the last few days before the period.
She becomes vicious and mean and spiteful. I can handle that as i know it is not her. She makes rash statements about things she does not want to do that have long been planned for no apparent reason. But she also becomes distant and sobs a lot and is full of self loathing and pushes me away. Every month i feel like the relationship is over. Then out of the blue several days later everything is ok.
What puzzles me most is that there is no sense of self awareness she will not even contemplate the possiblity that this is PMS or PMDD. For me to suggest it would be considered a heinous offence. I just want to help, but when the help is most needed is when i am least able to communicate with her.
I read birth control can help, but since birth control was introduced if anything it has become markedly worse.
I dont know what i hope to achieve by posting here, i guess i just want to hear the thoughts of woman who have suffered like she does so that i may better be able to help.


Keisha - October 7

Monkey,premenstrual syndrome it is. A lot of women behaves the same way as your girlfriend does. And sad to say that sometimes we cannot even control it.


Aurea - October 7

I am also experiencing the same thing when my period is about to come, except that I am aware that it is a PMS. This is the time that I am really firing. As in I easily get mad at something especially when what I want will not be get done right away. Little things irritates me. And so emotional. I cried over things that actually when you try to look back are not that worth crying for. Good thing my boyfriend is that understanding to me. Cause he knows that there are all PMS and will be gone after few days.


OZ thalia - October 7

Irritability and mood swings are symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome. She should know and accept that her behavior is a PMS so that she will know how to deal with it. Talk to her about it on the times when she is over with her period, that time when she is with her normal self. For sure she is more than willing to talk about it and look for ways to minimize her being mean and all on these days. Good Luck.


Pretty Ivy - October 7

PMS occurs to a lot,if not all women, a week before their period. At this times, women feel not just physical but as well as emotional discomfort that they didn’t generally experience.


Nazzy Eunice - October 7

PMS affects women in all ages in a different ways. For some women, it is only a monthly botheration but for some it can be so harsh that it becomes so hard to even get through the day or even control the emotions that is overpowering you. Symptoms of PMS includes mood swing, breast swelling, feeling tired, backache & headache, tension, irritability, anxiety & bloating. With your girlfriend’s case, he is so emotional and irritable. So better that during this times, you try to be patient with her and try not to provoke her.


Stiffany C. - October 7

Monkey, is your girlfriend a heavy coffee drinker, any thing that has caffeine? If so, it is probably the caffeine that makes her PMS worse. Caffeine is considered to be the increasing cause of PMS because it is a psychoactive drug. It affects the nervous system & the brain in such a way that it increases the heart rate & blood pressure.


Emotional Lily - October 7

It is so nice of you to personally research on things about PMS. A lot of men actually break up with their girlfriends or husbands divorcing their wives cause they cannot stand the PMS of their partners. What a waste of a possibly great relationship all dismantled because of ignorance!


Laurie Jane - October 7

October of 2005, the No-Period Birth control pill was formulated to totally eliminate periods for one year and is proven to be an effective treatment of PMS. If this is the BCP that you are looking for, then you must have to convince her to use this.


monkey - October 7

Thank you everyone who commented, i appreciate it and have read all of it.
But to reply to one commenter, no she never really drinks coffee and seldom drinks tea.


hannah - October 7

if you really think that your friend is suffering from PMS, you can suggest her to adjust her diet. food must be well-balanced, varied and sufficient.


cheskie - October 7

why don't you open up your problem with her? maybe you could do a heart to heart talk. this will help.


Kassandra - October 7

the birth control pill that you might be looking for monkey is the Lybrel. This is a no-period birth control pill taken for 365 days. So when there's no period, there's no PMS or PMDD as well.


Lucy0909 - October 7

Talk to her about this when both of you are in a nice mood. and you two together solved this one. this is not as easy as it sounds, but she herself should be aware of this for her to be able to control herself.


Gee Victoria - October 7

Yasmin, a birth control pill is said to be a less - PMS pill. Why not let her take it though. This might help her in some ways.


Shy Cleopatra - October 7

I don't think taking Lybrel is a good idea. Just let her have her period every month,that is an affirmation of her feminity. you both deal with her PMS, talk about it in a right time and when you have both a good mood.


liz - October 8

i say... do it in the right time, right place and right mood! maybe she's facing another problem that triggers her change of personality.



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