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25 Replies
liz - October 8

i say... do it in the right time, right place and right mood! maybe she's facing another problem that triggers her change of personality.


cheskie - October 13

or maybe she has problem with you which causes her attitude to change.whatever it is, she's the only one who knew about it, and you're the only one to discover it.ayt?


monkey - October 16

yah right! i would definitely apply your advices one by one. pretty sure one works after the other. thanks ladies! still bumping for more advices though, situations are getting worse... :(


scarlet - October 24

i feel sorry for you monkey.i'm pretty sure everything will be alright soon.let's just crossed our fingers.


cheskie - October 30

any updates monkey? how is your friend doing now?


Monkey - November 10

thanks to everyone again for the comments and thoughts. It helps just to read them.
I have been taking baby steps to try and bring up a few things hear and there to see if there is any success. Some have been disasters, In a fit of some kind of rage i was accused of stopping her from doing what she wanted to do, for example going to the gym. Although i actuvely encourage her to go as i know she enjoys it. It appears to stem from guilt for not going. I waited a few days and mentioned what she had accused me of, she denied ever saying it.
The latest development seems to be her wanting to dump me as she thinks i am somehow responsible for her feeling down. She gets incredicly critical of me and can be increasingly cruel, but then it passes and the lovely her is back and no mention of me being dumped.
During the moods (as i call them) If i stay away i dont care, if i stay with her i am to blame. I now try and stay close enough that if she wants me i am there and at the same time she cant accuse me of sufficating her.
Sorry this message may make little sense, i am babbling as thoughts come to me.


megan - November 11

it's okay monkey.. good thing about this site is, we are able to voice out our problems knowing someone will listen without hesitations. best of luck to both of you!


bertholley - December 10

Monkey, you have just described me! But my PMS is caused by my BC. I must admit you are amazing for goign through this with her and after reading your comments I can see what I put my loved ones through. I wish you all the best.


ella - December 19

your story inspires me. i was suffering from PMS before now i understand how people around me felt before.


izzy - December 19

people suffering from PMS need special care and support. they can be very emotional at times.



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