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Post hemorrhagic cystectomy
4 Replies
betty79 - October 21


I am new so forgive me if I have posted on the wrong board. I live in Dubai, I am 30, have not had children and am dubious to the advice I've recently had. 6 months ago I had bad pain so I went to the Gyno out here.

He said I had a hemorraghic ] 5cm and a luteum cyst 5cm and to stop taking the pill immediately (I'd been on the pill for about 10 yrs with the odd break). So I underwent surgery to remove both and have a diagnostic hysteroscopy to check for possible Endemetriosis (thankfully all clear).

Before and post op when I asked why I had got these cysts he told me it was probably the comtraceptive pill and never to take the pill again as this was my bodies way of telling me enough.

So 6 months on I am still working, but I feel my life is falling apart. I have put on about 10lbs which is the least of my worries......I feel bloated, tired, extremely irratable, very moody, angry/frustrated, headaches, at the end of the day i usually feel the need to be in a dark room away from people (I am a teacher so busy and in front of kids all day).

I find myself crying over everyting (totally like a bad dose of PMT). The problem is that this feels like PMT....rather than 3-5 days worth of crazy PMT its more like 3 weeks of every cycle. The week after menstruation I feel jolly and happy again (like me really, just normal). I feel an analagy would be that I feel like hibernating and not waking up until next year at least!

My partner of 3 yrs is supportive, although I feel sorry for him as putting up with this cannot be easy and I can see he is finding it hard. The other odd thing is that pre cysts/op I went out at weekends socialising, whereas now I dread the thought of going out I feel terrible about myself ....looks wise but verging on paranoia of general friends and meeting new people for fear of judgement.

I simply cannot go on like this. I went to the Gyno yesterday, he told me I need to eat soy and loose weight!!!!!!! Apart from feeling like he didn't take my hormonal explosions seriously I am 138 lbs and 5'7'' BMI 21.......Dress size 10.......Is this acceptable advice?

I cannot speak to anyone, I don't really have any close friends I feel I could open up to. So any advice would be greatly received!

Thank you Betty :)


maggie - October 23

welcome to the forum site betty!i'm afraid i cannot answer all your questions but don't worry cause i'm sure someone here can give you the answers.aside from that, you'll make great friends here including me :)


cheskie - November 9

wew! you sounded problematic. your condition is complicated so i might as well just advice you to have yourself check to another gyne. good luck!


ara - November 11

this is rough.. i think best thing to do is to speak with your gyne.. it will make sense if you will be able to address your question to him/her since they are the experts..


belinda - December 19

betty since you have many question that not all of us can answer, i think it's a best option to speak to your doctor. i noticed that this is an old post so i assume that your question has been answered. good luck!



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