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Quasense - good or not?
18 Replies
kelly1027 - September 12

For some reasons, I wanted to switch to Quasense from my recent BCP that im taking. Anyone who tried Quasense? Is this pill better than any other pill?


Belle - September 12

Quasense is a generic version of Seasonale and not like traditional birth control pills, Quasense is an "extended-cycle" contraceptive which means allowing for menstrual periods only once every three months so four periods per year. How do you like that idea?


lolita - September 12

Quasense has its own advantages and disadvantages. For almost a year of taking this pill, I find this effective. The best thing that I like while taking Quasense is my light menstrual bleeding and less menstrual pain.


coolits - September 12

What i like with quasense is the enlargement of my breast. Others might not like that effect but personally that is a blessing to me since im not that blessed with large breast.


Vision2020 - September 12

I've noticed this changes in my eyes while taking Quasesnse which gives me difficulty to wear contact lenses.


Rhizza - September 12

Quansense works good on me. It helps me in treating my premenstrual dysphoric disorder. moreover it also helps me with my acne problem.


tarantia - September 12

Hey if you are planning to switch to Quasense, you should talk to your OB or your health care provider first to avoid complications in the future.


freda.90 - September 12

The breakthrough bleeding and spotting between periods are some of the not nice things that i experienced while taking Quasense.


claire456 - September 12

You may need to use back-up birth control when you first start using Quasense condoms or spermicide maybe.


kelly1027 - September 12

thanks for all your inputs. this helps a lot. will visit my OB the soonest possible time. more inputs are still welcome anyways.

thanks again.


suicidal girl - September 12

The most serious side effect that I have experienced while taking Quasense is the depression. I feel so low and dejected. A lot of times that I self-pity which somehow opens me to the idea of suicide. I used to be a cheerful person before taking this Quasense so I visit my OB and now I am using another BCP.


karina_B - September 12

With Quasense, after making love with my partner , I noticed I have severe burning wherein I’ve never experienced before so I figured out that this is because of taking the Quasense pill. Now I am keeping the options open in switching to another BCP.


divina gracia - September 12

I experienced acne while using Quasense and take note not just those acne. Really depressing. I suggest you use other pills and not the Quasense. I don't think this is a better one.


dora - October 7

this could be effective for some but i don't think this is the best knowing it will give you 3 months of menstrual time out. i still think that menstrual cycle should come every month.


virra - October 7

i've heard so much side effects from this method and i would not suggest it to you. you can go for seasonale instead.


marissa - October 16

i had a bit acne too while on quasense. but after a few months, it just disappear from nowhere.


leah - October 17

are you still taking quasense now? my sister's been using it for quite sometime now. she never experienced bad side effects eversince she's been using it.



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