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Rhythm Method Anyone?
2 Replies
AStar - October 23

So I've been through a lot recently with all sorts of different types of birth control and im sick of it! Actually considering the rhythm method, even though I dont want to risk pregnancy really... Anyone had any experiences with it? Is there anything else besides hormones, and boyfriend obviously not happy with condoms long term. Help!


JessieT - November 9

I too have been through a lot with pregnancy ending in miscarriage. I tried cerazette for two days which gave me terrible stomach pains. Also, not knowing the reason my baby died has made me feel id rather not mess with my hormones incase that was the problem.
I wanted to try the rythem method (known now as Natural family planning) and have rung all over to find someone able to teach and help me. No one in my area are able to teach me so i rung a lady who went through it all on the phone. It sounded complicated but i listend.
Then, as i went shopping, i went to boots, and saw PERSONA. Its a natural contraceptive which u do by weeing on a stick and it tells you if your fertile and cant have unprotected sex, or if your unfertile and able to 'make love'. Obviously it dosnt protect withh std's but with your boyfriend it might be helpful. I havent used it yet as u have to wait for your period and till your hormones are normal after any other contraceptions. I am sick of condoms after the fact they are what got me pregnant and made me end up in the state im in now after loosing my baby. But ever since june this year... we have had about 4 of them split through no reason. There on perfectly and we always check, yet theyre so unreliable. My doctor said that they are actually 84% safe for pregancy. PERSONA is 94% but if you restrain from sex on fertie days become alot more better.
Its worth a try! Hope this helps if not hope you find something :)
Regards JessieT xx


anderson111 - February 7

Not thinking often comes from impaired judgment or being unprepared.Avoid using things that can impair your judgment (like alcohol and drugs) when you are in situations where sexual activity is a possibility.



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