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right choice?
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Venice - October 22

Hi there!! I am a sexually active person and of a right age. I am not using any of the birth control method since my partner and I wanted to have a baby. But then our plans changed and will not bear a child yet as of now. So now I am looking for a right method that suits me. Oral contraceptive is a no-no to me so I am now considering the patch instead. Is this a right choice? Please advise. Thanks.


Lazy Matilda - October 22

Venice, been using patch for quite a long time and i have no problem with it so far. The patch is almost 100% effective when used in the right way. So when you decide to use it then, just be sure to use rightfully. Good Luck!


Carrie Meeh - October 22

I’m using patch too Venice, what I like most of it is it’s easiness to use. You just placed it on your healthy skin whether at your abdomen, buttock, lower back, upper outer arm or upper torso where it will not be rubbed by tight clothing. And then replaced it on the same day of the week for three week. The fourth week is patch free. So easy, isn’t it. You just follow the instructions along with the patch and you will not get pregnant.


Karylle721 - October 22

The patch is a once a week method of birth control on a four week cycle. A new patch must be used each week for three weeks. Expect for bleeding during the fourth week when no patch is used. As what carrie meeh says. this is so easy to use.


Venice - October 22

thanks guys. hope for more info's to come. like side effects maybe for using patch.


Anastasia000 - October 22

Here’s how the patch works Venice. The patch is a thin, stick on, square, about 1 -3/4 inch patch that allows hormones to enter the bloodstream through the skin. Just like the BCP, a combination of hormones in the patch stops your body from releasing an egg, so no egg can be fertilized. The hormones also cause the cervical mucus to thicken, which can stop sperm from getting into the uterus.


Kelly_MMM - October 22

I’ve read Venice that the effectiveness of the patch may be reduced for women who weigh more than 198 pounds. Hopefully you do not weigh that much for you to experience the full effeciency of the patch.


Basia789 - October 22

Just use the patch perfectly, meaning replacing it on time and 97.9% you will not get pregnant.


DookieDok - October 22

though a lot of women says patch is a right choice but then i would still suggest you go to your health care provider about what birth control you should use. or if you already decide on this patch method, have your OB discuss the more accurate details in using it so.


Venice - October 22

Of course DookieDok. I will visit my OB before starting to use any birth control method. What I am doing right now in here is just getting some insights from women who have experience using the patch. Thank you though.


CazKats - October 22

The chance of getting pregnant when using patch goes up when you forget to replace your patch once every seven days for three weeks or forget to start a new cycle of patches after the fourth week.


Stella L. - October 22

You are right CazKats. When using patch ,always remember that the cycle of use is 3 weeks on and 1 week off. Easy to remember, right?


Lala503 - October 22

I used to take the pills as my birth control method. But then I am this forgetful so I skipped taking a lot of times which makes me worried that I might get pregnant. So I decided to switch to patch because I need not to worry remembering whether I’ve taken the pill or not yet. As compared to patch , you can see it where it is placed and you know whether it is working or not.


careful sarah - October 22

Patch is an effective birth control but one thing that I don’t like about it is that it won’t protect you from HIV or sexually transmitted diseases.


Glamorous Fritzie - October 22

Potential health risks are present when using patch. Not all women are advice to use this birth control especially if you are suffering from cardiovascular diseases.


Slidey - October 22

Side effects of the patch includes but not limited to slight nausea, breast symptoms, vaginal spotting and menstrual cramps. Some women also experienced skin irritation under and around the patch.


deanne21 - October 22

slidey, i am with patch too and i only experience menstrual cramps in the first two cycles.



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