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safest birth control???
25 Replies
marylou777 - September 4

I am somewhat confused as to what birth control method should i used, whether pills, IUD or something else. please advise.


aLma - September 4

Hi.. marylou.. i don't recommend pills or any reproductive products just to avoid pregnancy.. perhaps, natural birth control is much better and no side effects.


Levi_ - September 4

Yes, Al, I agree with you


bell_sexy - September 4

Not all the time natural birth control is safe.Like what happened to me, im using the rhythm method but unfortunately i got pregnant.


mrs. Emm - September 4

pills is safe, but Im experiencing uncomfortable side effects, such as weight gain and mood swings.


jenny - September 5

Hi there, this is another way of having safest birth control: the ovulation method, it is 100% effective and all natural. This only applies to women who has regular menstruation cycle... meaning, you have your menstrual period after every 28-30 days. If not, this method doesn't work for you.

heres how:

just start counting the day you have your first stain of blood even if it's only very minimal, that is day (1), and you have to avoid having ("***") from day 9-19 since these are the days you are likely fertile, day 14 being the surest or 100% fertile, after those days, you can have coitus(intercourse) without withdrawal, condom or whatsoever.

This is scientifically proven but you have to be careful.


Levi_ - September 5

Nothing beats natural. It is safe for your body.
One way is (BBT) or Basal Body Temperature - it is your body temperature at the time you wake up each day. By measuring this temperature each day and noting the day that it changes, and we women can determine when its least and most likely to ovulate and conceive.


angie - September 5

Have you tried using condoms?


marylou777 - September 12

angie, yes iv tried using condoms but i feel that it would be safer if ill take pills as birth control. cause there are times that when we are doing it he forgot to wear it and while in the middle he feels lazy to wear so.


chachi24 - September 14

Pills are most likely the safest birth control. Others may seem to forget taking it but there are so many ways to remember it and put it in your daily routine. You can place the pill on your bed side table so you can take it before you go to sleep. As long as you take the pill corectly the chances of getting pregnant is very minimal.


k_oozing - September 14

Abstinence and self control is the safest! just say NO.


marilyn - September 15

marylou777, based from experience no no to withdrwal & rhythm method. i got pregnant with those there is really no assurance. Go to your OB and ask for the Birth Control Pills that will suit u.


marylou777 - September 17

I'm afraid of taking pills, because as what i have heard from a friend, there are side effects on it... well, i have to consult an OB on this, especially on my case, i am hypertensive... anyways, thanks for the advice..


meldz_60 - October 7

mary, anything will do except fot the natural method. it's a big NO NO! that's less assurance!


samantha - October 7

i strongly agree! it's better to be safe than sorry in the end! say no to natural method!


rhea - October 8

i think this is a safe, easy and better methods for those couples that are not comfortable with other contraceptives. just be consistent in following this method.


Mae_Ann - October 9

Pills is not safe, because of its side effects.IUD is also not safe because there's also risk in it.NATURAL METHOD is the safest, but this is only applicable if you're menstruation is regular.If not, just use condom.



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