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sex on the pool
26 Replies
lucy - December 16

hi everyone! me and boyfriend loves adventure and we're both sexually active at the same. the only method we're using is condom. one time we both decided to have sex on the pool and so we did it without condom thinking it would just flush away the sperm. is there still a chance that i can get pregnant?


kaye - December 16

you're truly adventurous huh? well... as far as i'm concerned, underwater sex is not the smartest choice. it may be romantic but it won't prevent you from
getting pregnant.


mel - December 16

regardless of the place where you have sex, if he comes inside you then there is a chance you can get pregnant. there is no excuse for that.


yna - December 16

i agree! but having been mentioned that condom is your way of preventing pregnancy makes me wonder if this can be used on pools?


diane - December 16

definitely not safe! chemicals of the condom can complicate with the chemical from the pool which causes it not to be effective. there is also a possibility that it can slip off.


ellen - December 16

risk of slippage or damaged to the condom which causing it not to be effective. avoid doing that!


martha - December 16

absolutely yes you can get pregnant! it happened to a friend that's why i'm sure.


ana - December 16

chemicals on pool are at high risk for condom failure. chlorine can weaken the condom and most likely increases breakage.


scarlet - December 16

condoms are not supposed to be used on water because water and friction will break the condom easily.


elizabeth - December 16

chances are... you could get pregnant! imagine the possibilities of getting pregnant even if you're using contraceptives, how much more if you're not protected?


marissa - December 16

in addition to all replies, it is a bad idea to have sex on the pool because there is a tendency of pushing water into the woman's vagina and can cause infections.


GINA - December 16

anytime you have unprotected sex no matter where you do it can get you pregnant anytime. so always have a safe sex.


flor - December 17

in addition to this, having sex underwater is at high risk for infection. i have a friend who had sex in the pool and got std. i don't know how it all happened.


jane - December 17

nothing in the water can kill sperm and water is not a contraceptive. so it doesn't matter if you had sex on the pool, sea, lake or even in bathtubs. it won't prevent you from getting pregnant.


hale - December 17

that is totally true! STD's can spread in the water or even jakuzzi or hot tubs because just like sperm, hot or cold water won't kill std.


maita - December 18

i have quite similar to this situation.i have my 1st day of period me and my bf had sex on this dangerous?can i still get pregnant even if i have my period???


emily - December 18

sex in a pool is definitely not a good idea.
it can cause infection most especially if you have your period. and worst thing is you can still possibly get pregnant.



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