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slimming pills
10 Replies
bonie - December 18

hi ladies! i'm currently on yaz and have gained weight. i was wondering if i can take slimming pills while on yaz.. what do you think fellas?


maita - December 18

i remember posting the same question on a certain menopause site but to my despair nobody did ever replied.. :( i hope someone here can answer cause i'd like to know myself too.


lala - December 18

definitely you can, it won't affect yaz. you don't have to be worried cause there will be no problem at all. i'm on yaz as well and taking diet pills for about a month now and everything is running smooth as it is.


aira - December 18

are you trying to lose a ton of weight? if not then maybe regular exercise will be just a good option. anyway, it's just a suggestion. cheers!


farrah - December 18

i'm afraid i should disagree!!! i have tried it before and the combination of the pills makes me sick for like almost a week. i hope you won't take the risk as it can be dangerous.


pia - December 18

i'm with you, i disagree! those pills are of two different kind and of different purposes which is possible to complicate each other in any way. don't take the risk!


yna - December 18

my doctor confirmed that it's okay to take diet/slimming pills while on BCP. it won't complicate each other and it won't harm you either.


wea - December 18

if that's the case well it's a good news! but if i were you i would take a yoga class than taking slimming pills.


belinda - December 18

i would probably do the same. physical exercise is way much better than any other slimming or diet pills. it doesn't just help you with losing weight but it van also give you a toned body.


samantha - December 18

i'm on BCP and i go swimming to keep my body fit. i'm 43 years old but my friend's says i look 5 yaers younger than my age. :)


aicelle - December 19

i agree with exercise. but i don't think it will work for people who wants to lose ton of weight. slimming pills will work wonder.



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