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tampon instead of condom
10 Replies
samsam - December 18

i'm off pill now and so i'm worried about unprotected sex. my bf refuses to use condom. so can i use tampon instead just so to keep the semen from pushing inside.


phoebe - December 18

i would say no way! i don't think it's meant to use for's a dangerous idea. you can push tampon far inside and can be very painful. it can stuck inside which i think you don't want to happen, don't you?


aida - December 18

- using tampon without period can cause TSS.
- it can stuck inside.
- you may not be able to take it away. (doctor take it away for you)
- can hurt you.

now you can decide...


inGrid - December 18

i won't suggest you with this. maybe you can try other methods which is safer. after all having sex with tampon inside is not that safe as you think.


old_lady - December 18

if your bf refuse to use condom,
then refuse to have sex with him.
i don't see any point that you should
go farther this way. you are putting
yourself at risk! sorry if this is not what
you want to hear... good luck!


felicity - December 18

you made a point here old_lady! i agree with her sam. using tampon during sex can be very dangerous. but the choice is yours to do. would you take the risk?


sarah - December 19

it would be a best option to talk to your bf. let him know how it goes with you. maybe then he will have to agree using condom.


aiza - December 19

i think that's the right think to do. you can use condom for the meantime and you can always stopped using it anytime you can decide to use other method.


charisse - December 19

i have no problem with the side effects of pills. they didn't affect much but the only thing i'm worried about is weight gain. i've been gaining weight gradually i've noticed. :(


deborah - December 19

same here charisse! or should i say, most woman is suffering from this problem. this lowers down self-esteem.


phoebe - December 19

speaking of self esteem... i used to have a healthy lifestyle but when i gain weight i have not or do not socialize much anymore.



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