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Transcervical Sterilization - a good choice?
11 Replies
mERCy G. - October 4

I decided to have a permanent birth control and i chose transcervical sterilization. But how do I know if this is a good choice for me?Thanks.


Jhulia - October 4

Other people cant say that this is good for you or not.But i know for sure that the good thing transcervical sterilization can offer to you is that it is without surgery.So, it's not that hassle as compared to other sterilization like tubal ligation.


Farrah_35 - October 4

Mercy this is a good choice for you if you have a medical condition. For example, if you have a heart problem or if you are a diabetic, and you have been told to avoid general anesthesia or surgery, this is not just a good choice but the better choice for you and for your health.


ZAHARA - October 4

if you delivered through cesarean section from your previous delivery or you experienced any abdominal surgeries, then, this is what you've been looking for.this is a good choice choice for you because theres no incision, so its convenient.There's still pain but only lesser pain.


cheskie - October 7

i don't think i should agree with this procedure. talk to your doctor, they may have better alternative procedure to suggest.


liezylicious - October 7

theres no other way to know which is best for you than to ask doctors advice. or maybe you could do some research.


hale - October 8

i think it would be a good choice for everyone. it is said to be very effective and less side-effects.


mitch - October 13

it has been proven to be effective for many years now. so i thing it's a good choice!


cheskie - October 16

no "one" product is best for everyone! you should always consider asking your doctor first.


virra - October 24

this method is a permanent option for women.this has been proven and tested for years.


mindy - October 30

any reviews with this method?has anyone here tried this?i'm hoping to find answer as soon as possible because i'm trying to figure out what method to use.thanks in advance!


tanesha - December 19

it's a good method to choose. no serious negative effects so far. but this is a permanent form of birth control so i suggest you make more research before deciding.



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