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unprotected sex
13 Replies
liza - November 27

hi all! i had unprotected sex last night because i forgot to take my daily dose of BCP.early morning i took two pills at a time instead of taking morning pills as we all know is the best thing to do.what do you guys think could possibly happen?will i get pregnant?can i still take morning pills after 24 hours of unprotected sex?


cheskie - November 27

morning pill is not 100 % effective and it is more likely not effective if you take it over 72 hours of unprotected i think you should take it immediately today.


liza - November 27

what happens when i take morning pills? i just had my period 2 weeks ago and i wonder if taking the morning after pill will cause my period to come back again. is there any indications that i won't get pregnant? i really have no idea about this morning pill, so i would be very happy if you could give some advice.


cheskie - November 27

don't get paranoid.just take the morning after pill and wait what happens if this still bothers you, you can always visit your doctor.relax there!


rea - December 4

bleeding after taking morning after pill is normal. it has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the pill. even if you just had your period and bleeds after taking the pill is normal. it only means that the pill has worked.


megan - December 4

in addition to that, you can always proceed to plan B. are you familiar with emergency contraceptive pills or plan B? it always works!


aya - December 9

wait and see for a few more days. you should bleed if not, then possibly you'll get pregnant.


leila - December 10

ask for medical help with your doctor. make some pregnancy test. if then nothing happens, get blood test, it's more accurate in detecting pregnancies.


megan - December 10

there's no more better or easy solution than addressing your problem to professionals. Morning After Pill has been shown to be effective up to three days but it is still better if have taken it within 24 hours of unprotected sex.


hale - December 16

here's a simple answer to that. if you bleed after taking MAP then you are safe!


flor - December 19

seek medical attention for this. give some time to talk to your doctor for further explanations.


tina - December 19

not very sure here... one thing i know is that there is an instance that woman will not bleed but will still be safe. this a rare condition though.


rea - December 19

tina are you sure about that? my doctor told me that once you don't bleed, it means you are pregnant.


elle - December 19

is there a possibility that if you bleed you got aborted? i mean if you were pregnant that time...



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