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10 Replies
janice - December 4

hi all! i'm newbie here and i have some questions that needs to be answered. anyway, here it goes... i'm a 16 years old virgin and have very small boobs. i wonder if pills can help develop my boobs into a well formed and a bigger size. is this possible?


samantha - December 4

i think it's not advisable, you're too young for it. why don't you just put on a little weight. If you gain weight your boobs will get bigger. or better yet, you can wear push-up bras, they will make them look bigger.


dora - December 4

nope it won't work. eat healthy foods, it will help. don't be fooled into taking any pill or using any creams, you're too young for it. besides, pills are
designed for birth controls. since you are virgin i don't think you'll be needing them. wait till you're fully grown it will develop as well.


honey - December 4

yes they will grow on their own, just hang in there. i had small breast when i was your age and now i wear cup C and i'm 25.


lyka - December 4

it's sometimes genetics. i won't worry if i were you, bigger boobs means backache literally speaking.


aira - December 4

i started taking pills at exactly your same age. but that is to prevent pregnancy, because i lost my virginity at 15. it made my period easier to deal
with and sex life less stressful. i must admit, it made my boobs bigger and fuller.


tina - December 9

try diane 35 or yasmin. these are the kind of pills most woman use. this will surely answer your question.


scarlet - December 9

yes diane can give you want you want-- big boobs! i agree cause i have proven it. but you know what? it is only temporary. once you stop taking it, everything will return to normal.


mira - December 9

exercise can make your breast bigger and natural. try push-ups and dumbells, it helps. try adding potatoes and corn to your diet. not quite sure if this is effective but you can still try.


jackie - December 19

anything than nothing will always be fine. not unless if it will affect your health. and before trying anything read, research and ask.


samsam - December 19

are you planning to have sex earlier? i felt like this is your reason. LOL! just kidding! BCP is okay to use at your age. use diane



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