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Vulvodynia/ Burning vagina / Miserable ! :(
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tinkerbelle2 - September 27

Hi, This isn't really related to birth control (although that could have contributed to the trigger of my condition? who knows)

I've had this really horrible burning feeling just inside my vagina for over 3 years now.
My GP and even a gyno didn't know what was wrong. All STD tests , thrush, BV, urine have come back normal. I've had all tests done countless times so there really doesn't seem to be an infection.
I lost my virginity 2 years ago so this started before I had become sexually active.
Before the pain started I HAD had thrush before and a UTI but when those were treated any irritation went away. also I was on the Pill (yasmin i think?) before to see if it would help clear up my bad skin and painful periods. Then when I was sexually active I switched to another pill (the sugar pill one), then a few months later I had the contraceptive injection (3 lots). The pain started I think in late 2009/ early 2010? I cant really remember anything happening to trigger it!
No major diet changes.
I wear only cotton underwear, no tight jeans usually wear leggings, sleep with no bottoms on sometimes, have stopped putting bubbles in the bath only water, don't use shower gels down there, use aqueos cream to wash with, wash clothes with non bio powder (heard this is better for skin problems), tired all sorts of creams and medication. On and off birth control have been off for over a year now. Was on Gabapentin but made no change.
My GP thinks it is vulvodynia but gyno didn't think it was that.
It's really affecting my life and wellbeing. Often I stay indoors all day.
No unusual discharge or odor (sorry for gory details!)
EVerything seems to look normal except sometimes looking a little red. External area feels fine.,the burning is just around the opening. There is no itch. The level of pain seems to vary at random, sometimes being dull and bearable to being very very painful and impossible to take your mind off.
I just cannot understand why I felt perfectly fine before and now i dont!
It is so strange to have such agonising pain yet no one knows what seems to be the problem. Some days I want to scream and cut that whole part of me off! I know it isn't in my head, the pain is solid ... I am currently envious of my former self and feel that i was lucky to have the luxury of a pain free happy vagina! :( thankfully i am fortunate to not have any more serious health problems and my heart goes out to those who do.
however i am so depressed with this and can't enjoy life at all!
Please can anyone help or had similar experience!?!


Myra - June 16

i haven't heard about this so i really don't know.however, it sounds bad at all and i feel sorry for would you like to try approaching other gyne/doctor/specialists?i think that will help.also get second opinion.i everything will be okay soon.take care!



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