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what are the benefits of Birth Control pills??
12 Replies
marissa - September 4

Hi! I am planning to take pills as birth control. Can you tell me what are the benefits that I might get from using it. All opinions are welcome. Thanks.


ara - September 4

Hi Marissa! I think you are aware that the main benefit of using birth control pills is to prevent pregnancy.As far as I know, birth control pills can also improve your menstrual cycle. It helps lessen bleeding during periods and makes more regular and consistent menstrual cycle patterns.And it also helps relieve pelvic pain during menstruation...That's all I know...hope it helps...


sean - September 4

This is good info ara...I also learned that using birth control pills can prevent cancer.It protects women from ovarian and uterine cancer, and possibly from colorectal cancer..


auderey - September 4

though they have benefits, i think it's still better to see a doctor because people respond differently to birth control pills...i am not that sure but its still safer to consult a doctor because they know best...


Kristie - September 5

they can have different effects on ones body systems, some are desirable while some are not.many pills these days are specifically designed by pharmaceutical companies to augment or diminish these effects. Their unique progestin agent is what targets issues like PCOS, acne, libido, and so forth.


smarty - September 5

Usually women are prescribed with birth control pills to help regulate abnormalities in their menstrual cycles. While some women use it clearing up skin and acne though all pills tend to help acne over time. Other women, particularly those in their late 40’s and 50’s, may want a pill less likely to inhibit their libido, as all pills may have this effect to some extent.


glamorous865 - September 5

the benefits of birth control pills usually differ from one women to another.there are over 30 pills to consider and it requires patient for you to be able to find if that fits you.


mimz - September 14

First of all before taking any kind of birth contrl pill, go to your nearest health care provider and discuss with her the best pill for you. There are many benefits of pills in a womens health aside from of course preventing pregnancy. It can also improve your menstrual cycle.


tonie - October 7

prevents pregnancy and regulate menstrual cycle. with some pills, it gives you glowing skin and prevents acne.


XOXO - October 7

different pills may have different benefits as well as side effects. if you decide on pills, choose quality and not quantity.


marissa - October 16

what are some types of pills that gives you glowing skin? this sounds interesting to me...


ara - October 17

yaz, diane 35, and seasonale. these are a few that i've known.


maggie - October 23

try diane 35, it works with my acne. my skin has become fair and visibly clear. give it a shot!



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