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what happens?...
10 Replies
chona - December 15

what happens when you've taken morning after pill and realized later on that you were 4 weeks pregnant? will it cause an abortion?


mitch - December 15

nope, definitely not! it won't cause abortion and will not affect an existing pregnancy in any way.


eunice - December 15

no, no, no... it doesn't! it prevents fertilization and it has nothing to do with an implanted egg. no worries!


scarlet - December 15

spotting, light bleeding or even heavier is normal. but it won't harm the baby. don't you worry about that.


fritz - December 18

if you think you were pregnant during the time you took MAP then you shouldn't worry because it won't affect the baby in any way. not unless you have taken the abortion pill.i have the same worries before and good thing i wasn't pregnant at all!!!!


girlie - December 18

hi i have taken morning after pill two hours after unprotected sex. few minutes later i had heavy blood or should i say it's more like flooding. good thing i'm home. is this normal?


jackie - December 18

spotting or heavy bleeding is expected right after taking MAP. this is because the dose of progestine that thins out the uterine lining. it's normal so you don't need to worry.


aicelle - December 18

so you mean to say you should bleed after taking MAP right? now what if you don't bleed?


virra_mae - December 18

i have the same question in mind. anyway, since bleeding is an indicator that you are safe, what does it mean if you don't bleed? does it mean your not safe?


che-che - December 18

i cannot answer that. all i know is that you should bleed. some woman bleed quickly while others will take some time. if it happens you didn't bleed quickly you can wait until you bleed. well up until a week at least.


missy - December 19

if you don't bleed anytime before 1 week, have it checked. the doctor will then find out what happens next.



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