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what is dental dams?
16 Replies
nelly - October 7

what is dental dams?i've heard some of my friends were discussing about it?is it a birth control method?


MyRrah Z. - October 8

I am not that familiar with that too. And I am quite curious on what is that so I made some search. Anyways, Dental dams or rubber dams are rectangular sheets of latex used in dentistry, specifically endodontic therapy. They are also used during sexual activities as a safe sex technique.


Ynez927 - October 8

Hey Nelly, dental dams are used to make oral-vaginal sex and oral-anal sex safer, this serves as a barrier then. Unfortunately, dental dams are not that easy to find and it is kinda expensive. However, you can make a dental dam yourself with a condom and scissors.


Paranoai Belen - October 8

to some dental dams is used as a birth control method but basically it is for endodontic therapy.


Sweet Suzette - October 8

When using dental dams, it should be a new one for each act of oral sex and should never be reused.


Hottie Emelda - October 8

Vaginal Dam, also known as a Denal Dam is used for safer oral sex.


Jane of Jersey - October 8

The dental dam is placed over the entire vulva during oral sex to prevent the possible transmission of the HIV virus from the vagina to the mouth or the mouth to the vagina.


PieYah - October 8

dental dam can also be used to prevent the spread of genital herpes...


DoeRish - October 8

safe sex is good but dental dams sounds very hassle on the partner using it.


Skinny Lucrecia - October 8

Depending on the location like if you are in USA, all birth control pills needs presciption except for the morning-after pill.


Dainty - October 8

dental dams are frequently use during cunnilingus and analingus to protect against the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. After lubrication with water-based lubricant an unpunctured dental dam may be held over the vulva or anus allowing oral stimulation of these areas without transmission of bodily fluids and skin contact with the partners.


sandra - October 8

no dental dam is not a method of birth control! it is used to help protect people from STD's or HIV's.


liz - October 13

dental dams also known as vaginal dams are used for oral sex. these are available in chain stores.


nelly - October 16

ynez, you've mentioned that you can make dental dams out of condom. is it really possible? as ehat i have understand, dental dams should be placed in your mouth. am i right?


XOXO - October 24

condom? hahaha i'm confused here too. is dental dam rubber. can anybody here describe what dental dam look like?


samantha - October 30

any updates here about dental dams convert to condom? i'd love to know about it too!


terry - December 19

it's not a birth control method. it is usually used for oral sex to prevent diseases.



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