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what's best for me?
33 Replies
Sheryl777 - September 22

Just got my first baby and I want to give him all the best in this world from food, clothing, education and all others. One way of doing is not having another baby yet. So now I am wondering, what is the best birth control method that is right for me. Any suggestions? you are all welcome and thanks in advance.


Louisiana - September 22

sheryl, we can not actually say that this one is best and that one is not right for you because not everyone's birth control needs are the same.


Lovely Gayee - September 22

go visit your health care provider and talk to him or her your concern.


JannaH - September 22

Actually, there are a lot of birht control method available and you can use it even without seeing your doctor, one of which is the use of female condom. You can get them at drug stores and at health clinics. Just plan ahead and put it in before sex and always remember to use a new condom each time you have sex.


Cassie000 - September 22

sheryl, what i am using now as birth control is the "fertility awareness method". So far I am okey with it. I can't say that this is best for you then, I can only speak of my behalf. Another advantage for me is there is no health risk involved.


meriam S. - September 22

Abstinence is the 100% best birth control ever. It not just protect you from not getting pregnant but also from STD's and HIV.


Geisha - September 22

abstinence is quite an impossible thing to do especially if you are at a young age and is very hot and aggressive.


Leila D. - September 22

sheryl, i suggest you use the spermicides. These are chemicals that will kill the sperms. they come in foam or suppositories. And if use with condom, it is very effective. you can buy this even without prescription.


Dodge69 - September 22

spermicide is no good at all. some women want to douche after using spermicide.i believe this method is less effective.


Klingy - September 23

hey girl, for a spermicide to be effective, it must be in your vagina for no more than one hour before having sex.


YengZ - September 23

I suggest you take birth control pills. Pills are easy to take and are effective birth control that doesn't interrupt sex.


Gee Gorgeous - September 23

Agree with Yengz, birth control pills are easy. As long as you will not miss taking your pill, you will not get pregnant or the chance is very very less.


MilChan - September 23

Are you ready for permanent birth control? If you don't want any more children, you can have your tubes tied then.


Sheryl777 - September 23

Milchan, having my tubes tied then is not an option for me as of now. Thanks anyways.


Sheryl777 - September 23

I am considering the birth control pills actually.


Alanis - September 23

Birth control pills is far more better than any other method but you need to visit your doctor then as to what pill suits you best.


megan - October 7

sheryl, are you still breastfeeding your son? if so, then i don't think you still need to use birth control.



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