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what's best for me?
33 Replies
megan - October 7

sheryl, are you still breastfeeding your son? if so, then i don't think you still need to use birth control.


ara - October 7

engage in a family planning so that you will know what method suits best for you. talk to your husband about your plans.


ginger - October 8

i think you can still take low dosed birth control pills. or maybe you should go with ara's suggestion.


mama_lou - October 9

Sheryl, i would suggest that you will just use condom.It's Cheap and easy.


sheryl - October 13

i don't think it's a good idea mama_lou. my husband would refuse to use that.


mama_lou - October 16

well i guess you should go with pills. try yaz, it's most advisable especially for woman who just gave birth.


shery777 - October 24

my gyne prescribed me with diane but it's too expensive. is it okay if i go for yaz instead?


krystel888 - October 31

yaz and diane have almost equal effectiveness.
yaz is cheaper than diane so i guess it's a good choice.


rechelle - November 11

i don't know if this is the right board for me but i can't see any other site to post to.i feel a bit of good ambiance here and i also feel that the people here are friendly. to start with, i have miscarriage two weeks ago and because of trauma i don't want to happen such incident again. can anyone suggest of a better BCP? or is it okay if i take BCP since i have miscarriage only two weeks ago? please help and thank you!


jenna - November 23

i'm afraid i cannot answer your question rechelle.are you taking anti-biotics or any medication for your miscarriage?


miraflor - November 27

hi rechelle! i have had experienced this once too and all i can say is that, give it a month before starting on pills. you need to focus on medication first to avoid complications.


aimee - December 10

most woman get pregnant quickly after miscarriage. don't know if you can start with BCP right away though. but you can always have your partner to use condom for protection.


marissa - December 10

BCP can be taken immediately right after miscarriage. it should be combined with other methods for within 48 hours of use. effects will take place after two days of taking the pill.


rechelle - December 15

what would be the best BCP to take after miscarriage? are there any special BCP to take for this?


dora - December 15

i think you should address this question to your doctor. they can give you better advice.


fritz - December 18

should you consider another method or would you rather stick to pills? if so, i can't suggest you with any since i haven't tried pills yet.



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