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will diaphragm works well on me?
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Lina_B - November 12

Hi! I am planning to try diaphragm as my birth control. Based on my little research about this method, it seems like this is not so hassle for me, since you will just insert when you will have sex with your partner. Do you think this would work well for me?


sarah - November 12

Lina, diaphragm might works well on you too just like as it works well on others provided that you are using it correctly.


crystal landers - November 12

Lina, first thing you need to do when you decided to be fitted with diaphragm is to have an examination and prescription from your health care provider.


Ruby Dolan - November 12

You are absolutely right Crystal. Also Lina, it is very important that you will have your provider teach you on how to insert and as well as remove the diaphragm.


Erika Kristine - November 12

Yes Lina, learning on how to insert and remove the thing is so important for your safety purposes. Or in case you have an emergency, you can always call your provider anyways. But best if you learn it on your own too.


Real Lee - November 12

For your info, the diaphragm serves such as a barrier.It is a dome-shaped rubber cup with a stiff rim and is used with a special gel or cream that contains a spermicide to prevent pregnancy. The diaphragm and spermicide are inserted together into a woman’s vagina and over her cervix to keep sperm from entering the uterus.


WannaBee - November 12

Diaphragm comes in different types and different sizes as well Lina. So if you want to be fitted with it, it must be with a trained doctor or individual and not just somebody else.


Tella07 - November 12

Using the diaphragm is just so simple and easy but you need to practice with the help of your doctor too. First you empty you bladder and be sure to wash your hands. Squeeze about a tablespoon of spermicidal gel into the D cup and smear it around the rim. You then insert the D into your vagina as instructed when it was fitted. To remove it, just slip a finger into your vagina and under the rim and gently slide it out. And that's it.


Murray - November 12

Give extra care to diaphragm, wash it gently in warm water and mild soap, not the harsh one. Then rinse well and dry. Dust with cornstartch and put back into its case.


elcid - November 12

In case you have sex more than once, add more spermicidal gel into your vagina each time before intercourse.


Zesty Gail - November 12

Hey lina, always do some security check with your diaphragm before using it. Like if there is any hole or weak spots.Never ever use it, if it is with a hole.


Rica Bebe - November 12

If in case you gain or lose weight even like 10 pounds or more, you need to have your diaphragm refitted by your doctor.


JellyFishy - November 12

Always keep an ample supply of spermicidal gel at home and replace expired ones. Always and always do not use expired gels.


Carrie - November 12

Yup JellyFishy, a supply of spermicidal gel is a good advice for Lina but not lotion or petroleum as a substitute cause these oil based lubricants could damage your diaphragm.


Eleonor Q. - November 12

In addition to elcid's comment, if you don't add more spermicidal gel in every act of intercourse or worse it slips out of place, the chance of getting pregnancy is so high. So extra careful.Take it from us.


Jayde - November 12

so far, Diaphragm is reported to be 94% effective. This is considering that it is used correctly.


Maria Fe - November 12

Aside from its effectiveness, for me diaphragm is less hassle because you only use when needed.



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