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Krystel888 - September 2

hey, I am taking this Yasmin pill for almost 2 months now. for my first month I started getting this headaches all the time. so i now i wanted to switch to another pill. Anyone who can suggest better pill?


sexcy_nICoLe - September 2

Krystel, this is nothing against YASMIN since I used to take it for quite a long time, more than a year I must say. But then due to my periods getting longer, my OB suggested me to switch to another brand. With my recent pill i no longer having problem with my periods and I noticed that my sex drive is coming back too.


simply erika - September 2

This is my fourth week on Yasmin, and I am feeling totally normal. Well, during my first week,quite adjusting to the pills, I had headaches and nausea, but after that everything has been completely normal.

Though there are few people using this pill who have negative side effects, always remember that it offers some goodness to others too. What seems to be bad to this person does not mean that is bad for everyone at all.


virra_mae - September 4

krystel, The side effects of most pills is headache. Maybe you can try a lower dose instead. Ask your OB about that.


Immadel0808 - September 5

I’ve been using on Yaz for 7 days and I know you are supposed to wait a couple of months but so far my experience has been terrible. I have cried all the time for the past 5 days, my breasts are swollen, I am nauseous, and I have had extreme mood swings. So far I would not suggest it.


Virginia - September 5

Based on my experience, I suggest Ortho Tri Cyclen. I’ve been taking Ortho Tri Cyclen for almost 5 years now, and I love it! I get no acne, no cramps and my period is more regular and my flow is lighter. I haven’t had any problems with it and would advise it to anyone. Two years ago I was taking another type of pill and I often feel sick too, but since I switch to Ortho Tri Cyclen I havn’t had any problems.


fatima - September 18

try to use ALTHEA pill...ive been using this for almost a year and i find it can make ur skin look radiant and even makes you look sexier.


megan - October 7

been using yasmin for 8 mos now. first 3-4 months are really bad side-effects. but after that i got used to it and now, so far so good. just give it a time. maybe your body is still adjusting to the pill you're taking.


aLma - October 7

yes, give it a time krystel! your body must still reacted with the said pills.


lyKa - October 8

as far as i know yasmin is the best! maybe you should just wait for another month and if it doesn't work for you then maybe you might try another pill.


Krystel888 - October 13

i just bought another pack of pills. i'm not yet through with my yasmin pill and decided not to take them anymore because of the side effects. so when can i start taking the pills that i bought? should i wait for my cycle to arrive or can i start with it immediately?


leah - October 16

i think you wait for your cycle to arrive first before proceeding on another pill. that is the right procedure.


maggie - October 24

depends on the pills that you bought.i think different pills have different times of usage.


vicky - October 30

usually if it's your first time to take the pill, you need to take it on the first day of your cycle.but there are some pills that you need to take on the 2nd or third day.


dora - November 11

it should be on the first day.that's what the instruction says.


che-che - November 23

actually there's a lot of ways on how to start taking your BCP. but this all depends because there's a big difference between a first timer and the one that wants to switch from one BCP to another. BCP comes with an instruction but if you are not sure, it would be better if you consult this with your gyne.


XOXO - November 27

it's good to start on a new pack/brand after your period on the old brand. i have tried it and it was my doctor's advice.



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