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yeast infection
13 Replies
farrah - December 17

hi i've been on yaz for about two weeks now. first week went pretty well. but 2 days ago i developed a yeast infection. been treating it with home remedies but didn't worked. the odor i can bare but the itchiness is way beyond my control. can anyone please help me?


mariz - December 17

it's usual thing to happen while on birth control pills. address your problem to your doctor so he/she can give you treatment that you need.


alelli - December 17

i get this one too while on yaz. been on yaz for a year. i have no problem so far, side effects isn't really bad. only problem is, i get yeast infection almost every month and it's kinda disturbing cause it usually appears on special occasion so i have to give it up.


elizabeth - December 17

soak a tampom into curds or yogurt and place it inside the vagina for at least an hour. repeat procedure two to three times a day. hope this helps.


reina - December 17

another home remedy is to drink at least two glasses of buttermilk a day. you can drink this with or without infection. it cures and prevent yeast infection.


diane - December 17

you can also try tea tree oil, it's known to be a natural antifungal.pour a few drops of tea tree oil on a tampon and insert it into the vagina.
do this every morning and night until yeast free.


joy - December 17

tips to prevent yeast infection..
a. Avoid wearing tight jeans daily.
b. Wear clothes made of natural fibers.
c. Wear well fitting cotton panties.
d. Avoid remaining in wet clothes for too long.
e. always wipe from front to back.
f. Avoid using sprays and perfumes in the genital area.


hazel - December 18

thanks for taking time and sharing preventive tips joy! that is very useful!

would you mind sharing symptoms too? thanks in advance!


amanda - December 18

vaginal yeast infection symptoms:
a. itching
b. burning
c. redness
d. irritation of the vaginal area
hope this helps...


tiny - December 18

hi everyone! reading the symptoms for yeast infection makes me wonder if i develop one. i have itchy vagina like two days now. red in color , well maybe because of too much itching. heavy discharge and has bad odor (this one you didn't mention) what do you think?


wea - December 18

most probably yes! about the discharge.. does it smell like fish or something? home remedies has been posted here so i though you might want to try it. the steps are easy to follow.


terrence - December 18

yes you have yeast infection. have it checked as soon as possible. self treatment is okay but i would still suggest that you talk to professionals.


vida - December 18

yeast infection is not a serious problem. it can easily be treated at home. therefore, trip to clinics won't be necessary.


rechelle - December 19

although you can treat this at home, it is still not advisable to self-treat. it's better if you see a doctor.



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