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"being older and getting frustrations"
9 Replies
althea - September 8

how long could a women try on getting pregnant before approaching a doctor's advice?


Portia - September 8

well, at least one year. if you don't have enough patience of waiting and waiting in vain. blaming all the jinks and all that...


eureka - September 8

uh-oh, when you are in deep frustration not getting pregnant for one year, that could be so devastating. but i suggest to consult first.


tracy - September 8

well, you know guys, if you are in your 35 years of age or older atleast that would be one thing that can trigger you to see doctor after 6 months of trying.


fatima - September 8

agree to that tracy. don't you know that a woman's chances of having a baby decreases rapidly every year after the age of 30. that's for us to be aware of!


trista - September 8

i guess the best way to prevent some factors is that you should talk to your doctor if you have symptoms like irregular periods, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory, painful periods, or having more than one miscarriage. the alarming symptoms doesn't need to be prolonged, it needs to be checked!


spice - September 8

yeah! don't wait to get it into the worst stage wherein you've got nothing to do but to blame yourself. there is no harm in visiting your doctor for some check-ups. that will be the best way for your health and for planning to have a baby.


joy - September 8

somehow, talking to your doctor is a good idea for any woman before trying to get pregnant. doctors can help a lot to get your body ready for a healthy baby. they can give you also the answers to the questions on fertility problems and give some tips on conceiving.


liza - September 8

you are definitely right joy. all points are very true and are actually the right steps to do so. thanks for that advice. regards!


monikadavid - May 31

Hey, there I hope youre doing well. It is actually the most frequently asked question. I think the right time to visit a doctor is after 6 months. However, according to doctors, you should at least try for a year. As it after a year that it becomes problematic and should be treated. I hope you are soon able to get pregnant. Best of luck. Do keep us updated.



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