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"ovulation problem"
8 Replies
matilda - August 28

i got some ovulation problems when i went to the doctor the other day. i get so numbed when i heard it right from horse's mouth. just in the nick of planning to have baby, this has been a bad news for me. :(


viktoria - August 28

it's a little sad to hear about that but for instances, to be able to overcome as such, a consultation is a proper way to sort solutions to that. do you get some infrequent periods? i have a friend who has same case like yours. she keeps on having abnormally light or heavy bleeding.


brenda - August 28

did the doctor consult you some fertility drugs as for remedy? i heard that vitro fertilization can help too. anyone knows about it?


joy - September 2

ovulation problem can result from a dysfunction of the part of your brain and the glands that control ovulation. this is also a dysfunction of the ovaries.


margie - September 2

Women can determine whether ovulation is occurring you know what matilda, you can determine whether ovulation is occurring and estimate when it occurs. measure your body temperature or using home predictor kits.


cheska - September 2

you can go get some check to your doctor, they'll use an ultrasonography or blood or urine tests to evaluate any ovulation problms.


nimfa - September 3

ovulation problems result when one part of the system that controls reproductive function malfunctions.


margie - September 7

are there any supplements that can help you out with this ovulation problem? as to viktoria's question, i am concerned about infrequent periods. does this really affect too?


monikadavid - June 6

Hey Matilda, I hope you are doing well. Don't worry things will get better. You should ask your doctor to give you more in detail information on your problem. There are various ways through which this issue can be solved. If your periods are irregular than I would suggest that you ask your doctor to prescribe to you the medication. Other than that you can also look into IUI and IVF like treatments. These have helped so many couples out. If you are unable to produce eggs or they are of low quality then you can opt for DE option as well. This is what I am doing. I have a poor ovarian reserve due to which I have been infertile for many years. However, now I am visiting this clinic which is extremely professional and they are helping me out. Therefore, make sure your doctor has a high success rate and knows what he/she is doing. Don't worry. Stay positive and don't let negativity come in your way. Sending baby dust.



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