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]]the risk factors[[
15 Replies
icah - September 24

there are so many questions coming out of those young and even on their early 30s and 40s about how could you have that fertility problems. i just wonder what are those risk factors?


dianne - September 24

that is somehow one of those questions we need to have an answer every time a woman finds out that she has this certain fertility problem and even for men too.


chavie - September 25

i agree on that part. well, if you are in the age of 35 or over 35 yrs old and been trying to get pregnant for less than a year or less than 6 mos., you don't have to be that concerned yet why you are still not getting any pregnant.


zhiba - September 25

is that so... hmm but being in the age of 30 or at the early 30s or 40s will be a bit more to be concerned if you still can't conceive.


spice - September 25

what about if you are under 35 years of age and still not getting into conceiving stage?


zhiba - September 25

well, that's a bit alarming. if you are having sex with your partner but still you can't get any pregnant, there maybe a condition between one of you that has an infertility problem.


keisha - September 25

i suggest you have to go to a doctor for diagnose so you would know what to do in case that happens.


brandy - September 25

so what could be that factors? being unhealthy could be one? what else?


margie - September 25

for women, when you have history of some certain illness like having endometriosis, uterine fibroids or pelvic inflammatory disease could be one of those.


deborah - September 25

yes, that's right. smoking and being underweight and overweight too.


belinda - September 25

but how about for men? like my husband, if he gets that kind of problem...


yen - September 25

infection with mumps, if he has that long before and some other chronic illness such as diabetes, cancer, or thyroid disease


hevia - September 25

well, it's all about the matter that once you have those, proper medications should be applied such as steroids or antihypertensives.


cheska - September 25

got it right... if in case you think you have an infertility problem, have some scheduled serious conversation with your doctor or gynecologist.


fatima - September 25

exactly, this discussion is something serious and should bring up to a professional who knows best what to do. if you are really planning to have a baby and build a family of your own, you better be precautious with this matter.


phyzea - September 25

yes there is nothing to be ashamed of or to fear about this kind of problem. everyone seems to have a possibility to have this kind of problem.



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