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"to adopt or not"
8 Replies
aida - September 1

i can get no idea whether to adopt or not. i've waiting for years to have a kid of my own, but unluckily i haven't been graced and it's almost 12 years now.


xxladydreamxx - September 1

hi aida, if you are having fertility problems, not getting pregnant for that longest years, haven't you consult your doctor? maybe there are remedies that can give you the option to bear your own child.


-MP- - September 1

i guess ladydream was right. things like that needs no urgent decision like adopting a child. maybe you just have certain issues about getting
pregnant... might be your health factor or maybe your partner has the problem of fertility


gilda - September 1

guess having no baby for 12 years is NOT NORMAL anymore. i am in doubt about this. did you ever had this kind of patience of waiting without even asking professional's opinion? i couldn't believe how patient you are.


dorphie - September 2

hey aida you can always give it a try. don't ever lose hope. but then again, 12 years is 12 LONG YEARS. eventhough i am a man, i do understand how it feels.


-MP- - September 3

yes dorphie 12 long years and it is so frustrating though. but then again there are so many ways.


deborah - September 7

ooh... if adopting is the last option you have in mind, why don't you consider a relative's child or somewhat like that who doesn't want to have kids and they would just let some other people to adopt? maybe it would be easier for you to adjust.


trista - September 9

how about the test tube thing. i've heard about a transplant through test tube i forgot what is it.


Emma G - November 6

hi there, i hope i am not being in-sensitive in replying to this thread, i am a journalism student currently writing an article on 'designer babies' and sperm donors.

I have recently found that a sperm bank in California is advertising its donors as celebrity look-a-likes and found it rather shocking.

I would love to hear some opinions from people facing problems of infertility. If you were to consider a sperm donor, would you deeply be concerned with the way that the donor looked? Especially in regards to a celebrity?



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