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"ways on keeping fit and healthy"
35 Replies
leticia - December 17

i get a lot of suggestions from friends and my family about doing the effective ways to be pregnant. but, just recently i am thinking that i would go for the natural way.


miStreSS - December 17

if you are going to take note of the variables needed in getting pregnant, diet is an essential thing to do. as the timing will be the most important factor in trying, there are a lot of aspects in your diet that are very important to take note and keep an eye of during this period.


chavie - December 17

you should consider that overall you are healthy before trying to conceive. bear in mind that your weight can be a factor for you to have difficulty in pregnancy.


rafaela - December 17

it's right! either you are overweight or underweight, to which of that two you belong, this can hinder on to the chances of getting pregnant.


catie - December 17

try to check you weight while you are not yet pregnant, be sure that you have the right weight to have a baby.


femme1979 - December 17

to know the exact weight that you have, you need to go to your GP and consult what is best for you.


phoebe - December 17

in trying to conceive, one should maintain her balance diet. this means you need to mixed up all of the main group of foods like vegetables and fruits


cheska - December 17

one thing to put in mind is to aim the five general rule, you should have protein, foods diary to ensure that levels of calcium are high, carbohydrates, and foods that are rich in iron like pluses and red meat.


jhellie - December 17

because mum to be need folic acid during their pregnancy stage, she should have a supplement of about 0.4mg per day.


soraya - December 17

i know this is pretty much tough for you but this is a good thing to follow to help you out in your conception. maintaining the balanced diet is the key to have all the chances of high fertility.


may0311 - December 17

but some of those women out there would take vitamin supplements in ensuring that their diet is nutritionally in rich.


louise - December 17

there are couple of over the counter vitamins supplements in the market and yet if you would like to get the exact amount to take everyday, again it is better to talk to your GP for some further more details.


akiko - December 17

the aim to get pregnant is to eat the right kind of foods that are best for you. on the contrary, dealing with pregnancy should not only focusing on the recommended daily diet but also to ensure that you are avoiding those foods that or vitamins to have on excess dosage or amount.


violah - December 17

because every excess intake you have is not good for your health.


leonore - December 17

exactly, just have the recommended amount everyday. avoid the excess intake of vitamin A that usually found in liver products and do not consume a lot of supplements that contains vit. A or the fish liver oil. you need vitamin A but the excess amount of it that you intake will somehow put you at risk in your fertility.


ELVIRA - December 17

is it true that the intake of coffee and tea are not advisable for those who want to have a baby?


jireh_lie - December 17

there are no underlying evidence on this study that caffeine which is usually found in coffee, sodas or tea can hinder the chance of conception or fertility.



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