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"ways on keeping fit and healthy"
35 Replies
jireh_lie - December 17

there are no underlying evidence on this study that caffeine which is usually found in coffee, sodas or tea can hinder the chance of conception or fertility.


19shanice85 - December 18

but i got a some feedbacks on this matter and they said that it really gives you problem with your fertility.


britney00 - December 18

it won't actually get you to any problems of fertility. the thing is, if a woman is pregnant, she should just limit the intake of caffeine of no more than 300mg a day because of sign that links into a possible miscarriage or having a birth of low weights. it is contrast as to not drinking coffee while trying.


courtney - December 18

it doesn't ends up into having the balance diet and eating the right amount of foods, but you should also consider to get some exercise.


abigail - December 18

keep in shape, it doesn't mean that you have to be so sexy but at least you are in good shape as much as possible and to do this you need exercise.


cassiopeia - December 18

a study also shows that when you are trying and you are actively exercising, by the moment you are already conceiving, you don't feel any pregnancy syndromes like morning sickness or fatigue.


vivian - December 18

it is also important because a pregnant woman most likely to develop a couple of complications like high blood pressure and diabetes.


brienna - December 18

not only when you are still trying, exercise is also essential for those who are already pregnant.


leilani - December 18

exercise can benefit you in so many things like it helps you out to boost the circulation of your blood, regulate gaining weight and reduce the side effects during pregnancy.


hailey - December 18

establishing schedule of weekly exercises like 3-4 times a week can cope with your stress.


chevy30 - December 18

but don't over exercise as if there's no tomorrow. you also need to relax every now and then.


vernie - December 18

i think this is not focusing only for women but to those men also.


sharinah - December 18

at least as a couple, both of you are in good condition in trying and yet you are actively in the mood for baby-making which is important.


vivian - December 18

you can do exercises for about 20 minutes of 3 times a week. but do not abrupt yourself from exercising if you are a first timer.


50_meilea - December 18

sometimes it is beneficial enough to take a brisk walk while going to your favorite convenient store (if it's just a bit near to your village).


SHAWNTELL - December 18

or else, using stairs instead of elevator and doing simple home chores as part of your daily routine is part of exercising.



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