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"working harder, trying harder"
9 Replies
19shanice85 - November 23

i have a full time work every week and thinking to get pregnant since i am married for quite a while and would like to have a complete family now. should i have to stop or cut back my working hours so that trying to get pregnant would be successful? what you think guys?


patrice - November 23

i don't really know about it but base on my friend's experiences and mine, having that stressful and long hours of work will affect you in getting pregnant.


phyzea - November 23

yes i have heard that too and it seems that it is really true. my sister had her very stressful work and she is always out of town. when she got married, she's been so bumped into her work and had a hard time conceiving. it is really a factor though.


zhiba - November 24

well maybe, actually that depends just how stressful your job maybe and of course your financial situation.


eureka - November 24

yes i agree on you zhiba. as for having a stressful job really gives you a hard time to get pregnant.


xxladydreamxx - November 24

the lower probability of conception is so poor when you are compromising it with work.


lyndsay - November 24

that is so true especially nowadays that women for all we know are very busy with their lifestyle having their career at the same time pursuing the plans to have family.


saishee - November 24

if you are really stressed up with your jobs, even though you will take up fertility drugs and then still work, that won't give any help at all.


althea - November 24

well, we all know that it is so hard to put your work at risk especially that everything costs so much and it is a crying-out-loud for our pockets. thinking that cutting back working hours may jeopardize the finances, it will definitely make you think twice to risk it.


maya - November 24

you know shanice, that will still be all up to you if you are willing to take the risk. but if you think giving up work is best to save married life then go for it. if you think this time is not yet the most appropriate time to give up your career then set the perfect timing together with your partner. always think of the pros and cons for it. having a baby means dealing with so many finances and you don't want to risk something that can also affect to your soon-to-be baby.



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