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a lot of stress!!!
21 Replies
mademoiselle - December 13

my efforts are not worth the wait, still at this moment i don't have a baby and making one is really hard for us with my partner because we're both busy and stressed all the time... :(


patrice - December 13

i guess you really need spare time to concentrate on having one if you really wanted to. in your case, it is really impossible since you are both busy.


-MP- - December 14

if you are having all the efforts exerted in making a baby and still unfulfilled, you'll end up frustrated.


girl2woman - December 14

and the fact that you are getting irritated with all these peer, family and relative pressure of having baby, will only add up to the cycle of stress that somehow can be so hard to overcome.


ingrid - December 14

scientific studies shows that the periods of having prolonged stress can or will interfere the chances of getting pregnant, by affecting your hypothalmus.


cheska - December 14

that is true. this is the gland that among of the others things which regulates the hormones that is required to control the ovulation process.


harlem - December 14

this is because when you are stressed, your ovulation is most of the time less regularly than being relaxed.


imah'diva - December 14

stress really affects anyone even if you are not pregnant. stress is a one contributing factor to have loss of libido.


dianne - December 14

well, to make it more simpler, if your partner is stressed or kind of anxious then the mood to make love is therefore less and the chances of conceiving is less when you are stressed.


lyndsay - December 14

i suggest you not to pressure yourself and of course your partner in focusing to make a baby because it will only make you more stressed thinking about it.


marci - December 14

you are definitely right lyndsay. instead, give it a more fun and excitement.


claudia - December 14

you need to relax your mind and your body as well. this is very important and the time of having rest is very essential.


phoebe - December 14

good one! it is also important to pamper yourself before going on love-making like having a hot bubble bath.


brandy - December 14

i guess if you are in the act of wanting to have a baby, the healthier and active you are, the better. set a time to have an exercise maybe 30 minutes or so. having your body in condition is very important and this will ease the tension and help you to relax.


trista - December 14

relaxing, exercising aren't just the things you need to take note, having a balance-diet is also a must. vitamins, minerals and protein are needed to nourished your body and will help lower your stress.


soraya - December 14

you can also go for a massage or other therapies that will somehow help out put down the stress. reflexology and meditation will give you a long way to help you relax. breathing exercises is also beneficial.


margie - December 14

i can say that sharing your feelings and emotions to those people that are near you will relieve your stress. never bottle up your emotions and feelings if you experience so much stress.



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