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a premature labour; premature infant
16 Replies
sharinah - December 4

i am more concern of having a premature baby, i happened to have a miscarriage before and the doctor told me if i am going to have baby again, possibility of having a premature baby is big. i think i am going crazy on this matter and it makes me feel really sad.


bless - December 4

that is sad to hear but then again as the saying goes, never loose hope...


sylvia - December 4

the pregnancy stage normally lasts for about 40 weeks or 9 months. if you happen to have a delivery of 3 weeks or more earlier then that is already considered as a premature baby born.


saishee - December 4

since you already have a history of miscarriage pregnancy, you should be more careful this time around and be prepared for the next to come.


eureka - December 4

it's still ok to have a premature baby though than having nothing at all. but taking care of premature baby is tough and very delicate. they can't be feed by mouth because they might stop breathing.


maya - December 4

if in case you will have a premature baby, i hope it won't be, you must be ready to have a stressful and scary experience. that is why it is very important to associate things with your partner.


agatha - December 4

other than having a history of miscarriage pregnancy, what could be the other reason why some of the women are having a premature birth?


rafaela - December 7

well, premature birth has a lot of causes and normally this means that there is a problem with the fetus.


nerissa - December 7

common cause for this are having problems in your placenta, if you are conceiving two or more babies, if you have an infection, having problems with your uterus or cervix.


lowella - December 7

in addition to that, being into drugs and alcohol during pregnancy can cause a premature birth.


trista - December 7

that is why women who wants to get pregnant and those who are already pregnant should avoid vices like smoking, alcohol and even drug intake.


arlene - December 7

if it happens that you might have a premature baby, what could be the best thing to do?


april - December 7

premature babies are moved right away to the neonatal intensive care unit and to be watched closely with to monitor if they will get some infections and changes of their breathing pattern and heart rate.


liza - December 7

before birth, doctors prepare well for a premature baby's health. although most of the premature babies do not develop any serious disabilities, but the earlier the baby is born, the chances of higher risks problems is still there.


patrice - December 7

those premature babies that happens to have a long-term disability are born before 26 weeks or that are very small of about 771.1g or lesser than that.


elijah - December 7



jackie - December 7

heard a very sad thing about premature babies that they have this very common syndrome which is the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)... a way to avoid the chances of getting this is by making sure that the baby goes to sleep on his on her back.



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